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Meet the Alumni Council

Meet the Alumni Council

It has been a little over a year since the Alumni Council was reestablished. The council has already served as a platform for many productive discussions about challenges in selection, changes to the program, local alumni engagement, and many other important topics! Read more to see how you can get involved.

Creating the CRS Alumni Forum

Creating the CRS Alumni Forum

The CRS Alumni Forum was developed this past summer and rolled out to all alumni at the end of July. Since going live, the Forum has gained nearly 500 members and approximately 2,600 posts on a variety of topics relevant to our community. The following is a behind-the-scenes view on the project to build the Forum by three alumni on the Alumni Relations Committee: Sarah Uttermann-Merritt (’02, ’03, ’12-’15), Orian Marx (’97, ’98), and Inna Kuvich, (’01, ’02, ’06).

Building and Grounds Update from Tom Spurge

We had a productive day at RH last weekend as we began the process of "clearing the way" to allow our professional partners access to the mundane yet necessary elements of our infrastructure which require attention. A great big hao-hao to all the volunteers who showed up in support of our efforts and who worked hard to dig through decades of dust and memories to clean out the attic of the old house and the crawl space of ED Hall of lots of stuff which had been accumulating, seemingly forever. 

We have much more to do, but at least the process has physically begun and we can look forward to an earnest middle from our auspicious beginning. 

Thanks also to all of the B&G committee for their efforts thus far, especially to Mickey Seabrook for traveling from South Carolina to be with us. Also a shout out to Christina, Helene and Damian for joining us for the Committee meeting and augmenting the conversation with layers of thoughtful ideas and input. 

I would also like to personally recognize the ongoing efforts of JC Calderon in helping to keep the issues confronting us in the fore and for mobilizing and ushering the ongoing fundraising efforts through the larger community.  Thanks to our neighbors Susan Hinkle and Brian Williams for engaging us and their offers of help and support.

We are happy to report that the RFP's (request for proposals) have gone out to select firms for purposes of choosing a professional firm that will evaluate the site conditions and facilitate the production of the design and construction documents necessary to effectuate the reconstruction of the RH campus. We expect to have those back in a manner consistent with our expressed timeline therein, so that we can begin a vetting process, choose a firm and enter into a contract as soon as possible. 

Stay tuned for more!

Here are links to a lot more information from the Buildings & Grounds Committee:

  1. Request for proposals (RFP) sent to area architectural firms
  2. Letter sent to several architects
  3. June site report - 169 pages, along with photos, detailing the facilities needs for Red Hook and Clinton