Meet the Alumni Council

It has been a little over a year since the Alumni Council was reestablished. The council has already served as a platform for many productive discussions about challenges in selection, changes to the program, local alumni engagement, and many other important topics! We hope for many more in the future!

Working in conjunction with the Alumni Relations Committee, the council is dedicated to facilitating conversations between the alumni community and LAJF.  We hope that over time, the Council will become a platform for receiving and sharing feedback, ensuring a close relation between our alumni and LAJF and the camp program.

On the advice of the Ad Hoc Governance Committee, the recommendation was made to select a full-voting member of the Board of Directors, further ensuring a close relation between alumni community and the management of the foundation.

If you, or anyone from your local association would like to join the Alumni Council, please feel free to contact Mads Nissen ( or Andrea Alexander (, council chair.