Alumni Weekend 2017

Last Friday was bittersweet at Camp Rising Sun. The first group of campers hugged, cried and left for home. Within just hours, Camp was filled with generations of Rising Suns to celebrate for our annual reunion. The LAJF team could not be happier to welcome home so many alumni, and in fact, we were fully sold out. Next year, we plan to offer more tickets and rent a large tent for the lawn.

Guests stayed at Camp on tent hill, some with their children and partners or their reunion group. Others filled up the local hotels and joined us for activities. Highlights included a lovely cocktail reception filled with hugs between old friends and interesting new connections. We were fortunate enough to welcome David Ives, ’90-’00, for a screening of his Emmy-award winning film Albert Schweitzer: My Life is My Argument.

Saturday was Mandy and Libby day, where we took part in instructions, and recognized some of our outstanding volunteers. Pete Comas ’89, was awarded LAJF 2017 Volunteer of the Year. Additionally, Ritam Mehta, Jonathan Robertson (who also cooked a delicious smoked BBQ on Saturday), Karen Schatzel, and Cord Campbell were recognized for their exceptional contributions to their committees.

Furthermore, we celebrated Cameron Rylance’s 10th Anniversary with LAJF. Cameron said that he loves working at LAJF, and interacting with the camper. “When you love what you do, it’s not considered work,” he said. We hope to have him for another 10+ years.

We appreciate everyone who serves the Foundation in any capacity. Thank you to all.

Also this weekend, several members of the Buildings and Grounds Committee lead a group tour of the Red Hook campus. Those who went on the tour explored the campus grounds and went inside some of the buildings. It was a stroll down memory lane for some of the alumni, and for others, it was their first time visiting the Red Hook campus.

The weekend was filled with joy, and many of the attendees expressed that they had a good time. For those who were unable to make it, your presence was missed, and we look forward to seeing you at next year’s Alumni Weekend.

Finally, let’s give a big How How to the volunteers and staff who helped organize the weekend. If you are interested in serving on the Reunion Committee for 2018, email us at

CRS TIMES: CRS '17 Week 3

CRS TIMES: CRS '17 Week 3

With great privilege, campers met Leymah Gbowee, the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize winner from Libera. She is known for leading the peace movement, Women of Liberia Mass Action for Peace, that helped lead to the end of Liberia's Second Civil War. Also, three CRS campers were interviewed live on the radio. It was an exciting week. 

One Week Remains until Camp Season 2017 Starts

One Week Remains until Camp Season 2017 Starts

There's one week left until the 2017 campers arrive in New York City. What's happened so far: staff training, finalizing homestay and travel arrangements, arranging alumni worksite visits (where Campers visit alumni at their work-place and receive a tour), and most of the Campers have met their airfare-travel fundraising goals!