Join a LAJF Committee

Serving on a Louis August Jonas Foundation (LAJF) Committee is a great way to stay engaged with the Camp Rising Sun (CRS) community and give back to LAJF/CRS. Committee members work with the LAJF staff and board members on a variety of areas related to the Foundation and the Rising Sun program. Read more about each committee, and how to join below.


Alumni Relations Committee

The Alumni Relations Committee (ARC) is responsible for maintaining and improving connections through Camp Rising Sun’s extensive alumni network. The ARC was recently divided into three subcommittees: the Communications Committee, the Sundial Committee, and the Alumni Reunion Committee. Each with their own area of responsibility, the subcommittee chairs meets quarterly, and assists each other across the subcommittees.


Alumni Council

The Alumni Council consists of members from the various alumni associations around the globe. The council helps local alumni association develop further while maintaining and improving the communication between LAJF and the various associations. The council meets quarterly via teleconference and a web-meeting platform to discuss topics such as selection, alumni association management, fundraising and local communication challenges.



The Audit Committee is tasked with overseeing LAJF’s annual audit process. The Committee is responsible for the appointment of an independent auditor and approves any non-audit services performed by the auditing firm. It will review the scope and plan of the proposed audit and oversee the performance of the auditor.  The final audit report will be recommended by the Committee to the Board and will perform a post-audit review of all findings by the auditor.


Buildings and Grounds

The Building and Grounds Committee (B&G) is responsible for the care and maintenance of the Clinton and Red Hook campuses. They visit the property annually to conduct an operations walk-through and make recommendations to the board on priority construction projects. The committee also liaises with and supervises contractors as needed. The committee most recently is overseeing efforts to preserve the Red Hook property and renovations to the main building on the Clinton property, which is guided in part by the 2017 Clinton Facilities Assessment.


Finance and Investment

The Finance and Investment (F&I) Committee coordinates the Board’s financial oversight responsibilities. The Committee is responsible for the planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of LAJF’s policies and programs for funding, financial management, facilities management, assets, risks, and insurance. The Committee will monitor LAJF’s financial records, review and oversee the creation of accurate financial statements to be presented to the Board, review the annual budget and monitor its implementation, monitor all LAJF assets; and ensure compliance with all legal financial reporting requirements. The Committee works with the Executive Director and Treasurer in developing long-range financial and capital plans.



The Fundraising Committee is responsible for the development and implementation of long- and short-term fundraising campaign initiatives.  The Committee collaborates to develop the annual campaign in addition to several other projects throughout the year.  Members may be called upon to execute all or parts of these campaigns, including through phone or email solicitation and pledge follow-up.  The Committee also creates a comprehensive long-term fundraising plan including small donor alumni collections as well as targeting major donors.

George E. Jonas Scholarship

The George E. Jonas (GEJ) Scholarship Committee is tasked with curating the GEJ Scholarship program.  The Committee creates and finalizes the scholarship application and aims to strengthen each new year’s application process.  It reviews and rewards recipients for each camp cycle.

Health and Safety

The Health and Safety Committee is charged with health-related issues and policies at Camp Rising Sun.  The Committee ensures excellent medical care at Camp facilities and with professional medical partners.  Members discuss relevant health policies including Epi-Pen policies, mental health protocols, protocols for religious fasting, and the best use of resources and staff time for screenings run at the commencement of the Camp season.  The Committee reviews health and vaccination forms, standing orders, and lessons learned from previous Camp summers.


The Program Committee develops and implements programming for Camp Rising Sun. The Committee is responsible for developing policies governing programs offered by LAJF to the Board of Directors and providing guidance for the Executive Director in setting priorities for programs.  Members discuss Camp curriculum and staff-related topics.  The Committee addresses what aspects of the previous year’s Camp worked and did not work and how best to improve upon these things for the upcoming Camp season.  The Committee also engages in ongoing research and development to inform their recommendations.


Selection Policy

The Selection Committee oversees the process of selecting campers for each Camp season and assists staff with updates to the Selection Manual. The Committee is in charge of creating the Ad-Hoc Selection Committee, conducting the review of selection regions, and considering new selection sites.  In addition, the Committee is charged with revitalizing various selection regions and assisting those selectors in bolstering Camp attendance from the region.  Members take into consideration requirements for campers, legacy campers, and how programmatic changes can alter the selection process.


Strategic Planning  

The Strategic Planning Committee is responsible for the implementation of a long-term plan to promote a sustainable future for Camp Rising Sun. The Committee keeps in mind current fundraising goals and strategy, a sustainable staffing model, effective alumni engagement, and an overall sustainable financial model. The Committee creates a set of recommendations for review of the Board of Directors. Some of these recommendations that already have received Board approval include an examination of strategies to expand impact, a review of traditions and intercultural respect, the creation of an ad-hoc governance and alumni relations committee, the formation of a team to protect and preserve CRS history, and the creation of the 5-year Strategic Plan.


Joining a Committee

If you’d like to learn more about a specific committee, or information on how to join one, contact us at and we’ll get you in touch with the committee chair. We look forward to hearing from you, and getting you involved!