Staying Connected with CRS

Keep in touch with CRS and your fellow alumni

At LAJF we are interested in you for life. We hope to be a resource, to help you keep in touch with Camp and your fellow alumni, and as a network for our alumni as you progress through the stages of life. One of the ways we do this is by facilitating connections between alumni across our vast community spanning decades in time and thousands of miles in distance. We have the alumni database, the College Student Network (CRS-CSN), and Alumni Associations. The alumni database helps alumni everywhere stay connected, register for events, and help support CRS/LAJF. The College Student Network helps recent campers navigate getting into college, funding college, and college life and gives campers with expertise in these areas a chance to give back to the CRS community and our alumni. CRS Alumni Associations ("CRSAAs") keep alumni involved with Camp and with one another. These regional associations help sustain our program around the world.

Alumni Database

Curious if we still have your high school email address or parents mailing address on file? Have you moved recently? The alumni database helps you to update your contact information, search for alumni based on a variety of criteria, register for events, and view your donation history. In the Alumni Directory you can search for other alumni by profession, high school, college, country, city, place of origin, name, or Camp years. We hope to help our alumni look for a mentor in college, find fellow alumni in a new city, to identify alumni in a profession you may want to transition into, or find campers in your Camp year to discuss a reunion. The alumni database can help you build community where you are or network in a new profession. Our wonderful alumni have helped support each other in a variety of ways, and we are so happy to be a resource to you all. If you haven’t heard from LAJF/CRS in a while we may not have your current contact information. Login and update your contact information today!

Your login and password were emailed to you at the launch of the database in July 2017. Please use those credentials to login for the first time. If you choose to create a new login, either with a different email, via Facebook or Twitter, please allow 2-3 business days for your permanent record to be matched with your new login information.

As alumni grow from campers to college students to career professionals and beyond we want to ensure you have a way of staying connected to Camp as well as to each other.

CRS College Student Network

LAJF often receives inquiries from our recent alumni asking to connect with other alumni who can provide insight into college and career opportunities. Our alumni attend universities across the globe. However, we typically receive the most questions about the admissions process for universities and colleges in the United States. To better facilitate college networking among our alumni community, LAJF has created The Camp Rising Sun College Student Network (CRS CSN). CRS CSN is an initiative to bring together alumni who are currently applying for, enrolled in, or otherwise interested in or knowledgeable about, the U.S. College system.

CRS CSN is a place to ask questions, share experience, and seek advice in the admissions process, financial aid, study habits, choice of studies, career opportunities and everything else college-related! Alumni have the opportunity to ask questions of others, who are currently, or have been previously, in the same situation as our younger alumni. It is a chance to benefit from the vast amount of experience in the CRS community and to connect with new CRS friends across generations!

Do You Have Advice For a College Student?

A wonderful way some of our alumni give back is to assist our newest alumni navigate the college applications, finding funding for college, and any other college related questions. Are you a graduate of a U.S. college or a professional in the field? Do you know of an internship or scholarship opportunity that would be great for our younger alumni? Are you interested in mentoring high school and college students? If you have a lot of experience with the American college system and would be interested in being put in touch with a few younger alumni who could use your help, join the CRS CSN or contact us directly! Some of you have already done so and have helped several young hopeful leaders navigate the world of college!

As An International Student

Many of our alumni have their first of many international experiences when coming to Camp. Often, international students return to the U.S. to attend college just a few years after camp. It can be a hard process to figure out how to apply to U.S. schools, how to go about financial aid, or even where to buy your textbooks. The CRS CSN is a community for international students as well. If you are currently thinking about, or have already gotten accepted to a U.S. college as an international student, we would love to hear from you! There are many younger alumni out there who would benefit greatly from your advice.

CRS Alumni Association

What Do Alumni Associations Do?

CRS Alumni Associations’ (CRSAA) make the concept of camper for life a reality. Associations gather for a variety of reasons. All CRSAA members share a desire to remain connected to fellow alumni, reaffirm the values of Camp Rising Sun and enjoy the delight and reminiscence that result when they sing a few camp songs. CRSAA activities include social events, reunions, and selection of campers. Many associations raise money to sponsor a camper or counselor, or perform service projects in their communities. You can find an alumni association near you on our website here. If you don't have an alumni association where you live, reach out to our Alumni Outreach and Engagement Coordinator! Looking for ideas for events and service projects to engage your alumni association? Look no further. Available here are an events toolkit, service toolkit, songbook, and highlights from past service projects. CRSAA promote the mission of LAJF and the commitment to the ideals of Camp Rising Sun.

Do you have a story to share about how the CRS-CSN, alumni database, or a CRSAA has helped you apply to college, explore a new career, or stay in touch with Camp? Contact our Communications Officer to share your story about being a camper-for-life.