CRS TIMES: CRS '17 Week 1

For the duration of the 2017 Camp season, current Campers will write the blogs, titled CRS Times. The authors, also known as Blog Sachems, will share stories, experiences and more to provide to readers a glimpse of the current Camp season.

Blog Sachems: Louis (France) & Lucas (South Africa)

Photos by: Mallika Singh ('12), World Affairs & Journalism Counselor 

SST on first day. Kobe (Colorado) & Edward (New York).

SST on first day. Kobe (Colorado) & Edward (New York).

Here is an overview of what has happened at Camp so far this season.


Week 1 Instructions


  • Rick Richter (Alum): History of Camp
  • Jenny (Drama): Physical Theater and Improvisation
  • Karim (STEM): Intro to Binary System
  • Sofia (Music): Swing Dancing


  • Rick Richter (Alum): American College System
  • Shai (2nd Year Camper): Intro to Tennis
  • Ian (2nd Year Camper): Getting into the Groove
  • Una (Counselor): Positive Psychology


  • Justin (Counselor): Physics & Metaphysics
  • Amy (Athletics) & Una: Acro Yoga for Beginners
  • Eduardo & Mallika (World Affairs & Journalism): Ethical Principles in Journalism
  • Anto (Kitchen Counselor): Science Behind a Cupcake
  • Theo (2nd Year Camper): Fishing 


"Get into the groove of instruction," learning how to dance was really fun, especially doing it for the first time. I have discovered my passion for. My potential in dancing was unleashed after the instruction, a piece of advice to all campers, "don’t follow what your heart desires but follow what it doesn’t."

Week 1 Projects

  • Peace Garden
  • Gym Stage Renovation
  • Storage for Canoes
  • Country Signs
  • Clearing Vigil Sites
  • Outdoor Stage Renovation
  • Gaga Ball Pit
  • Art Cabin Construction
Art’s orientation with Caro

Art’s orientation with Caro

 Tips for Camp

Camp is what you make of it, interact and ask questions. Make a conscious effort to get to know everyone.
— Janessa Schilmoeller ('05, '06, '10, '11), Camp Director

Success consists of failures without loss of enthusiasm; this is an opportunity for you all to try what you are not good at. It is not about impression or comfort ability, it’s about exploration and belief, there is no point in giving up without giving in. Here with precise examples of other campers: “when I was a child, I had to swim in the “big pool” and it was really terrifying for me, and I gave it try and I got 1st place” (Louis). We can see that Louis did not despair, so are you willing to put in more effort and try it out? Be the best of your abilities and try new stuff! Thank you to all the campers who have written an article! - Mallika Singh

Check in next Friday, when Cameron and Kobe are the Blog Sachems! 

Council-fire wood

Council-fire wood