CRS TIMES: CRS '17 Week 2

Blog Sachems: Cameron (New York) & Kobe (Colorado)

Photos and video: Sonia Wargacka, Projects Councelor and LAJF Video Fellow

Louis (France) Interviews Campers:


Louis' interview with Jake (Long Island, NY):

L: Which country would you most like to go to?

J: Spain, because of the nice beaches and good food.


L: How did you imagine Camp when you first heard about it?

J: Not such a big dining hall, and no wood platforms in the tent. I thought the tents would be on the ground.


L: What do you want to do when you grow up?

J: Computer science, software engineering.


L: What do you like the most in camp?

J: SST time, we have to do instructions, and we can make the Camp how we want to do it. We can see the campers face to face and get to know each other!


L: What are the problems in your city?

J: Drugs are a big problem. People receive it in hospitals, and when they leave, they end up addicted. Heroin is a very similar substance, and it’s cheaper and easier to get than prescription pills. I would prescribe less addictive painkillers to lessen the risk of opiate addiction.


Louis' interview with Cameron (Rhinebeck, NY):

L: Which country would you most like to go to?

C: France. I take French in my high school and I love the food and architecture of Paris.


L: How did you imagine Camp when you first heard about it?

C: I thought the campers would be much different. I thought there would be fewer really fun, charismatic people. There are so many of them here.


L: What do you want to do when you grow up?

C: I would like to be an architect or some kind of engineer. Some kind of job where I can design things that other people could use.


L: What do you like the most in camp?

C: The diversity. Everyone here has a different history and everyone has their own set of interests and skills


L: What are the problems in your city?

C: The people in my city are all very similar. There needs to be more diversity because when people are only exposed to the very small bubble that they exist in, they often become very ignorant.

This Week’s Instructions


  • Casper (Norway) and Alex (Iowa) - Canoeing
  • Mael (New York) - Rubik’s Cube
  • Làszlo (Germany) - Breakdancing


  • Sonia (UK) - Hair Dying
  • Renzo (California) - The Science of Exercise


  • Sofia (Minnesota) - Hip Hop Dancing
  • Wyatt (Vermont) & Chan (New York) - Ultimate Frisbee


  • Benjamin (New York) - Card Tricks
  • Edu (Spain) and Mallika (New York) - Create Your Own Utopia
  • Maor (Israel) - Taste of Sports 


Enrique’s (Spain) Reflection on Edu and Mallika’s Instruction on Utopias

What’s a Utopia? How is our Utopia? That’s what we tried to decide yesterday during our instruction time.

The easy option was to answer that a Utopia is a place where everyone is happy, but we wanted to go further. We explored different sub-topics and deeply discussed them.

We talked about a society without a government and has the ability to autoregulate its own resources–resources which are freely supplied to the population. These resources also include health care, food, and education. There is no need for an army, as there are no conflicts. All physical labor is automated, so there are no restrictions for anyone to choose a job, and creativity can be developed. All types of drugs are legal in our utopia, but they have strict control. This way, it’s possible to consume if desired without seriously hurting yourself or your surroundings.

For this task, we located ourselves in our ideal world, where there are economic or social restrictions and we have plenty of creative freedom. Our community basis includes tolerance and freedom of our lives. We imagined a society in which cooperation and common good prevail over particular interests; this would be achieved through a strong education so that people will understand public activities as their own property and care about them.

Maybe you think that these are only fantasies and dreams that are completely unachievable. I, however, see it as an unlikely future. It is difficult to get there, but not impossible; this can happen only if we now start working on respecting each other, allowing people to be free and making decision for themselves, and caring about our surroundings as much as we care about ourselves. Summarizing, if we stop dreaming and begin working on the future we desire, we can make our home a better place.

Week 2 Projects

  • Gaga Ball Pit
  • Song Book Revision
  • Stand by Me Music Video
  • Gym Door Mural
  • Outdoor Stage Renovation
  • Country Signs (completed)
  • Vigil Signs (completed)
  • Lean-To Construction
  • Canoe Storage Construction (completed)

Variety Show

This week’s variety show included acrobatics, musical performances, and magic tricks. It showed us how talented this year’s campers are.

Check in next Friday, when we hear from Blog Sachems Hyunwoo and Rolf.