CRS 2019: Second-Year Campers

Camp Rising Sun is excited to introduce more of our Second Year Campers for 2019. Each summer, a handful of campers are selected to return to CRS for a second year, where they work with the CRS Staff to set the tone for an unforgettable summer experience for the first-year campers. Last week we introduced some of our second-years and today we are introducing more of our second year campers.

Second-year campers serve in a variety of capacities, including as an older sibling-like figure, providing guidance to the first years, teaching a variety of CRS traditions, including songs, the traditions of Council, and more.They role model the Rising Sun philosophies of our program and set the tone for a healthy community. Second-years are and remain campers with the distinction being that they are looked to as role models from the first day of Camp. To help them step into this new role at Camp, second-years arrive to Camp for a few days of training with staff members before the arrival of the first year campers. Theirs is a great responsibility and many feel it is an honor to serve in this capacity. Second year campers play an important role at camp. We thank them in advance for their leadership to our community. Get to know some of our returning leaders in their own words.

Tuan (Minnesota, USA)


My name is Tuan, I’m of Vietnamese descent and I’m from Minnesota. It is super exciting for me to return to Camp Rising Sun as a second year, and I hope that I could help make great experiences for others as well as myself. I’m really stoked to see my friends from my first year again as well as to meet other campers from around the world!

Elizabeth (Pennsylvania, USA)

Elizabeth Hudak.jpg

Hi everyone! My name is Elizabeth and I am from Philadelphia, USA.  I play and watch ice hockey (and love pretty much anything that has to do with the sport), draw and watercolor, and explore new places. I also play the cello! Attending Camp last year was such a unique and impactful summer that I knew I wanted to come back. Not only to return to a place I love and am truly happy at, but to help sixty other girls shape their own incredible experiences at CRS. I cannot wait to meet all the first years!


Oskar (Norway)

Oskar Meldal.JPG

Born and raised in Trondheim, Norway, I will be 17 years old on June 14. On my free time I like playing video games and also hanging out with my friends. I am greatly looking forward to being a 2nd year and experiencing what comes with such a role. I am also looking forward to meeting our new campers this year, and I think this year will be one to remember.

Shanlla (Colorado, USA)

Shanlla Remtulla.jpeg

Hey! I’m Shanlla. I’m 15 and I’m from Colorado. I love writing, making music, and trying new things. I came to love camp as a second home and a place where I could be the most unadulterated me, which I am beyond thankful for. I never thought that I would create the bonds that I did. Coming back, I am so excited to get to know all of the new campers and create a welcoming and friendly environment for them just as the second years did for me, and I can’t wait to further my knowledge about myself and the world around me. See you soon!

Kion (New York, USA)

Kion Yaghoobzadeh.JPG

I am a high school junior from New York. I wrestle, and in my free time I enjoy hiking, camping, and snowboarding. I am very interested in neuroscience and politics and I care a lot about the environment.

In my first summer I learned so much about myself and leadership and it helped transform me into a better person. I want to help create the same experience for the incoming first-years and make them feel welcomed into the Camp Rising Sun family. I look forward to learning more about other cultures and ideas and creating many more lasting friendships!

Rand (Palestine)


Salam from Palestine! I’m Rand and I’m 16 years old. I’m interested in world history and cultures. In my free time, I do what I love the most. Cook! Last summer, I enjoyed preparing a  full Palestinian dinner at CRS, I also learned many delicious recipes that I took back home with me. I’m excited to come back this summer to help new campers get the most out of their Camp experience, to show them how incredibly easy it is to understand and engage with campers from different backgrounds, and of course, to create more life lasting memories! I’ll always be grateful for the enlightening experience CRS granted me, and can’t wait to pass it on to new campers!