Staff Training 2019

The Camp Rising Sun team is eager to welcome the first group of 2019 campers this weekend. Our summer staff arrived earlier this month to set up the campus and participate in valuable training sessions to prepare for the camp season. It is the goal of the Foundation staff to equip counselors with the skills necessary to keep campers safe and carry out our mission to develop ethical and responsible leadership skills in promising young people from around the world.

Over 10 full days of staff training, counselors participate in sessions spanning topics of health and safety, curriculum and pedagogy, daily camp life, CRS history and goals, emergency preparedness, youth leadership, adolescent development, and many other topics crafted to provide counselors with the resources to create a positive and inclusive community for our incoming campers. In many ways, staff training mirrors the daily interactions and learning experiences that our campers will experience during the camp season.

Training sessions are rooted in our model of experiential learning. Staff are provided with case studies and other opportunities to practice the camp pedagogy throughout training week. First-time counselors, like Amrinder Bawa, found the hands-on case studies to be useful in preparing to support campers. According to Amrinder, “Something I learned in staff training that has been helpful was the different scenarios that arose in the sessions and how we should handle them. It was a really good refresher on what to expect in the upcoming months!”

Training plays a pivotal role in creating a strong staff team. Working together as a team, counselors set a positive example of the values we hope to instill in our campers during the summer. Camp Director, Laura Wondra, recalls the important moments during staff training that highlight this sense of community. “One moment that stands out is the group singing ‘Lean on Me’ at the conclusion of an evening workshop. I especially felt our developing sense of community in this moment!”

“It has been absolutely incredible watching our team come together in an intentional way. I have seen every member of staff put in the hours needed and have all the conversations necessary to create a summer experience filled with learning, growth, and fun. We've been talking so much about camper arrival that at this point, we just can't wait to actually meet the incredible campers heading this way in a couple of days!”

- Camp Director, Laura Wondra

Our counselors know that a summer at Camp Rising Sun can have a lasting impact. That is why they put their time and energy into creating meaningful learning opportunities for campers in the Rising Sun community.

We hope you will be inspired to support Camp Rising Sun by learning about our campers here and here. The first group of campers arrives Saturday, June 22nd. As you read more about the incoming campers of 2019, we hope you will consider donating towards the cost of camper travel for the 2019 season or to the annual fund. You can see updates from Camp in the 2019 CRS Times (camper blog) starting next Friday and through our social media updates during the Camp season. Every dollar makes a difference to Camp Rising Sun! Our current campers and counselors, our alumni, and the communities they enrich as they become Campers for Life depend on your support. Thank you for being a part of the Camp Rising Sun community!