Alumni Weekend 2019

This year is a special anniversary for Camp Rising Sun, and we hope you will join in the celebration! You can join us at Camp for the 2019 Alumni Reunion, July 19th - July 21st. Reunions are the perfect time to reconnect with Camp, other alums, LAJF Staff and the Board of Directors.

Here is a message from alums at last year’s reunion who are excited about this year’s reunion celebration. LAJF and CRS are excited to celebrate that 2019 is the 30th Anniversary of the Clinton campus and girls programming. Please, join us for this celebration.

Never made it to a reunion before? The Alumni Reunion occurs between our two Camp sessions allowing our alumni to step back in time and be a camper again. We will start the reunion a bit earlier on Friday so that alumni can meet, get to know, and help us send off the CRS 2019 girls at the end of their session. A reunion is a time to relive your favorite activities, connect with old friends and make new ones. You can even sleep on Tent Hill with your campmates or your whole family.

In July of 2018 CRS alumni visited Camp (Clinton and Red Hook) during our Alumni Reunion. This is what some of them had to say about getting to catch up with their fellow alumni and being at Camp again after 5, 10, 15, and some even 30 or 40 years later.

This summer marks the 30th Anniversary since CRS expanded onto the Clinton campus and the decision to add girls’ programming. Since this is a special year we will have special speakers and activities. Over the past 30 years, thousands of girls’ lives have transformed at Camp Rising Sun. When CRS expanded its programming it also expanded to two campuses. As Camp has grown from Red Hook to Clinton we will symbolically make the same journey on July 20th. On Saturday morning we will start the day with breakfast at Red Hook. We will all walk the first mile together in solidarity and celebration of our growth. Then some runners, walkers, and cyclists will continue on the 7 miles to Clinton campus. Others will head to checkpoints to encourage runners, hand out water, and celebrate this journey our alums, family, and friends are taking with us. To join our runners, cyclists, and walkers in the full 7 mile journey you check the appropriate box when registering. Anyone can participate in the run or sponsor a runner or a running team.



10:00 - 11:00 AM: We welcome Clinton Alumnae to meet the 2019 Campers

12:00 PM: Lunch off campus

5:00 PM: Cocktail Hour & Opening Remarks

7:30 PM: Dinner


Breakfast at the Red Hook Campus

   30th Anniversary Walk/Run from Red Hook to Clinton Campus

Lunch at Clinton

Afternoon: Special Reunion Speakers, Program and Activities

Dinner at Clinton

Alumni Council


9:00 - 11:00 AM: Brunch

10:00 AM: Board Meeting (All visitors welcome to attend).

2:00 PM: Goodbye's & 'See you later's'

Alumni celebrating their 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, 30th, 40th, 45th, and 50th reunion can attend the reunion at a 50% discount. Alumni and staff are hard at work connecting with our major anniversary years. If you attended Camp in one of these years please use code REUNION19 for a discounted admission. We are expecting major turnouts for these significant milestones. Students can attend for free in exchange for volunteering 3 hours during the reunion. When registering, use the code STUD2019

CRS 1959: Celebrating 60 years

CRS 1969: Celebrating 50 years

CRS 1974: Celebrating 45 years

CRS 1979: Celebrating 40 years

CRS 1989: Celebrating 30 years

CRS 1994: Celebrating 25 years

CRS 1999: Celebrating 20 years

CRS 2004: Celebrating 15 years

CRS 2009: Celebrating 10 years

CRS 2014: Celebrating 5 years

If you are unable to attend please consider making an underwriting donation as a way for you to take part in this alumni reunion, help an alumnus/a attend, help offset the cost of the event, and add to the reunion’s overall success. Your generous support is greatly appreciated!

No alumni/ae shall be turned away from an event due to financial constraints. Please email Helene at or Mads Nissen at for more information.