Meet the Incoming 2017 Campers

In just three short weeks, the newest group of campers will be making their way to New York for the summer. This year, campers from 34 countries and 14 US states have been invited to participate in Camp Rising Sun. We want to extend a huge thank you to our selectors around the world for all of the hard work they have done not only to actually select campers, but also to help guide campers and their families through the preparation process.

This year, we will welcome campers from:

Afghanistan Arkansas Argentina Azerbaijan Barbados Bulgaria
California China Colombia Colorado Dominican Republic Washington, DC
Denmark Ecuador Egypt Finland France Germany
Greece Greenland Hungary Illinois India Iowa
Iran Israel Italy Japan Minnesota Mississippi
North Carolina Netherlands New Jersey New York Norway Palestine
Poland South Africa South Korea Spain Sweden Tajikistan
Turkey Texas United Kingdom Utah Vermont Zambia

Every student selected is awarded a full scholarship to attend Camp Rising. Their scholarship, however, does not cover travel costs. We are committed to having campers from all over the world attend our unique program and therefore have continued to provide financial assistance to campers in need. Some of our campers are using social fundraising pages to introduce themselves to the alumni community and ask for support to offset the cost of their airfare. We want to take a moment to introduce you to a few of these campers below and give you a glimpse of the talented individuals who will be joining us at camp this summer.

Meet Mohamed from Egypt:

To tell you a little bit about myself - I love to learn and to challenge myself in different ways. I spend my time taking online programming and psychology courses. Programming pushes me to think of creative and efficient solutions to different problems, whereas psychology teaches me a lot about the human mind and how we make decisions. I also love theater, so I attend acting classes at the Library of Alexandria. I love acting because it helps me think from different perspectives. I also enjoy playing video games and taking long walks by the beach. Walking gives me the time and space to reflect, organize my ideas and find solutions to problems I am facing.
I wanted to spend this summer pursuing activities that will give me the chance to grow. Given my family’s limited financial resources, I knew early on that I would only be able to attend programs that offer me a full scholarship. Camp Rising Sun gave me this opportunity!

Meet Aikaterini from Greece:

My name is Aikaterini Kargioti. My friends call me Katerina. Coming from a small village in northern Greece, I always wanted to see more of the world, to get to know people that come from very different backgrounds, and learn more about what makes different cultures unique. However, I did not know how I could achieve this dream. In 2016, I decided to attend the American Farm School of Thessaloniki (and was awarded a full scholarship – covering room, board, and tuition), where I learned about Camp Rising Sun. I decided to apply, and I was excited to learn that I was selected for the 2017 session! Attending this program will give me the opportunity to experience what I always wanted, the chance to see the world! I will meet many bright people and make new friends from different cultures.
Going to Camp Rising Sun will help me grow as a learner and a leader and become a true global citizen. Camp Rising Sun will also bring me one step closer to my dream of studying abroad and becoming a scientist.

Meet Elias from Texas:

I'm a small-town Texas boy.  I am a student who enjoys learning.  I challenge myself to take all of the advanced classes that my school offers.  I am a multi-sport athlete.  I compete in Cross Country, Football, Power Lifting, and Track.  I am a Team Captain, District Champion, and State Qualifier.  I am Student Council President, elected by my peers.  I like each moment of my day, and I strive to find joy in everything I do.
In a world where we face challenges on a global level, I want to be part of the solution. Camp Rising Sun is an awesome and unique experience that would allow me to engage with other teenagers who are actively working on leadership skills and who represent a global community.  I can't think of another way that I would be able to access such an experience.  

Meet Ada from Turkey:

I am a 9th grader in Uskudar American Academy and I am recently selected to an IB program with Biology and Chemistry. My intention is to have college education abroad in either marine biology, astrobiology or aerospace.
On top of having a high academic achievement, I also like doing social community work in a major NGO uninterruptedly since 3 years where I tutor kids. I have the perseverance to do ballet since eleven years, five of which as a student in state ballet school. I have a curious mind to explore new and opposite looking physical and mental things such as Girls Football, Debate and IT. I also won Digital Storytelling, DISTCO, international winner award last year and I have been selected as "honorable mention" in the international category this year in the same competition.
I like nature as well. I do hiking and sailing and I’d love to have a live experience to learn from others and interact with young people at my age in an international academic environment. This way I can know what I don’t know yet, broaden experiences and enhance my skills.

Meet Mavzuna from Tajikistan:

My name is Mavzuna Sangova. I am from Kulob, which is located in the south of Tajikistan. I live in a small town far from the capital, but it has not stopped me. I am determined to see the world! I have been studying English since Elementary School where we learned the letters of the alphabet. Most of my friends still do not know any more than that, but with the help of my family, my teachers, and my friends I have learned so much more about English, and through English about the United States and the world. I am more than happy that I have been awarded a full scholarship to attend Camp Rising Sun, by the Louis August Jonas Foundation. I am really glad that such camps exist, which motivate youth to become creative and better educated. It would also be so exciting for me to meet my peers from English-speaking countries, improve my knowledge of the world and improve my leadership skills.

Interested in learning more about the incoming campers? You can read more about the campers listed above, and meet other campers who will be attending CRS this summer, on their social fundraising pages. As you read more about the incoming campers of 2017, we hope you will consider donating to help fund their flights and support travel for those in need of assistance.

We look forward to welcoming the incoming campers to Camp Rising Sun 2017 very soon!