Seasonal staff applications for summer 2019 are now closed. Please check back in November 2019 for seasonal staff application for summer 2020.

Who We Look For

Camp Rising Sun counselors are passionate, caring, and skilled individuals with a strong commitment to our goals and mission. Counselors model positive behavior and mentor campers as they step outside their comfort zones and take on new roles. Our counselors are highly attentive to the needs of the community and take time to give and receive feedback. Staff members at Camp Rising Sun are chosen for many of the same reasons that the campers are. They embody the intellect, character, evidence of leadership, and individuality that will contribute in positive ways to the community created over the summer. It is the staff member’s role to guide the campers through thoughtful questioning, to push the campers to their best thinking and decision making as campers take on leadership responsibilities that will affect themselves and their community, and to give feedback for growth after an experience.

Staff Responsibilities

While staff members each specialize in a program area, all counselors are first and foremost general counselors.  Primary responsibilities, regardless of position, include:

  • Participate in all scheduled activities. Daily program typically starts at 8:30 AM and ends at 10:30 PM with minimal breaks.

  • Supervise campers overnight (most counselors sleep in platform tents with a group of 3-4 campers).

  • Prioritize the positive experience of campers by upholding health & safety procedures, monitoring the physical and emotional well-being of campers, acting professionally, and modeling constructive behavior.

  • Assist in large-scale and community-wide projects, productions, or activities.

  • Act as Counselor of the Day on a rotating basis; manage the daily staff schedule, complete required checklists, and work directly with one or two campers as a mentor as they lead the camp program on that day.

  • Participate in regular meetings with the Camp Director and staff team.

  • Participate in Program evaluation and self-evaluation.

  • Give multiple instructions (90 minute workshops) over the course of the summer on personal or program area expertise.

  • Maintain a substance-free campus.

Working at Camp Rising Sun for a summer includes full room and board. Staff are given one day off per week and two hours off per day. Be prepared to spend your summer surrounded by amazing individuals from around the world in an environment full of many shared community spaces. 


Candidates should be highly skilled and proficient within the program areas for which they are applying, and have special training, education or experience in these areas. Again, all staff members (with the exception of administrative, medical, and kitchen staff) are first and foremost general counselors, and their program area duties do not take priority over participating in all other aspects of the daily program.

Seasonal positions are listed below. If you are interested in a position that is not listed below, please contact us and/or consider applying as a volunteer counselor or visiting camp to give an instruction over the summer. 

Medical Director / Assistant Medical Director


  • Must be licensed emergency medical technician, physician, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, registered nurse or licensed practical nurse licensed to operate in the state of New York.

  • Must possess current certificate in an approved First Aid training program.*

  • Must possess current certificate in an approved CPR training program.*

  • Should have prior experience working with youth. Patience, a calm demeanor, and excellent organizational skills are required.

*Approved CPR/First Aid training will be provided during staff training if needed


  • Treat all illnesses and injuries on site and provide consultation to staff handling illnesses and injuries off-site.

  • Supervise and schedule medical staff to ensure 24-hour coverage (3-4 team members).

  • Communicate with health care providers to make appointments, arrange for hospitalization, and set up follow-up care, as needed.

  • Communicate any reportable illnesses or injuries to the local Health Department.

  • Maintain camper and staff health records, including incident reports, in a confidential and professional manner.

  • Maintain and dispense prescription and over-the-counter medications, in accordance with standing orders, in a safe manner.

  • Communicate with parents about campers' medical conditions, as needed.

  • Maintain adequate supplies in the Health Office and at other locations, such as the pool, vans, and the hiking trip first aid kits.

  • Purchase and organize supplies within a budget; Track all spending.

  • The Assistant Medical Director assists in all of the above, as well as serving as acting Medical Director when Medical Director is off-site.

Kitchen Director / Chef


  • Educated and/or experienced in running a large-scale kitchen and in planning large-scale meals (3 meals per day for on average 80 people).

  • Experience cooking for vegetarian, vegan, and other dietary needs

  • Experience maintaining a predetermined budget.

  • Experience planning healthy, well-balanced menus.

  • Experience managing kitchen staff preferred.

  • Experience working with youth preferred.


  • Plan and prepare meals for approximately 80 people each, from diverse, international backgrounds, including accommodation for special dietary restrictions, and allergies, including daily vegetarian and vegan options.

  • Organize and supervise kitchen staff (1-2 cooks) and campers working in the kitchen.

  • Uphold NY state health code and pass health inspections, providing kitchen safety orientations to campers and staff.

  • Work closely with Camp Director and Business Manager on kitchen budgeting and expenditures.

  • Help plan and prepare meals for 1-2 special events of up to 200 people.

  • Coordinate with Kitchen Counselor for camper-led cultural meals.

  • Open kitchen during staff training, while simultaneously prepare meals for 25 staff, and take part in mandatory aspects of staff training as needed.

  • Attend staff meetings, including facilitating kitchen team meetings.

Cook / Assistant Cook

  • Prepare and cook for meals.

  • Enforce safety and sanitation standards in the kitchen.

  • Lead Cook will perform Head Chef duties when Head Chef is not present.

  • Should have experience working in a large-scale kitchen.

  • Should have experience or openness to working with youth.

Kitchen Counselor

  • Coordinate Instructions on food, cooking, and nutrition with a special emphasis on food from different regions of the world.

  • Coordinate with campers and kitchen staff to plan camper-led cultural meals, including collecting recipes and making ingredient lists.

  • Assist Kitchen Director and Cook with preparing meals 3-4 days a week, as needed.

  • Supervise campers in the kitchen during meal prep and clean-up, with special regard for safety and hygiene.

Aquatics Director


  • Prepare Instructions (average of 90 minutes) on swimming, canoeing and water safety; organize pool and waterfront activities

  • Organize and manage a team of 2-5 lifeguards

  • Ensure that the pool is opened and ready for use during designated times, typically 2 to 3 hours multiple days a week

  • Manage and enforce the buddy system, as required by the local health department

  • Organize and manage equipment and supplies within the approved budget

  • Participate in all aspects of the program as described in the general job description


  • Must possess certification in an approved lifeguard course, or be able to get certified.*

  • Must possess certification in an approved lifeguard supervision & management course, or be able to get certified.*

  • Must possess current certification in an approved CPR training program.*

  • Previous experience required:

    • Either 1 season at a summer camp in the position of aquatics/waterfront director;

    • Or 12 seasons of previous experience consisting of at least 12 weeks as a children’s camp lifeguard which had more than one lifeguard supervising it at a time;

    • Or 18 weeks of previous experience as a lifeguard at a swimming pool or bathing beach, which had more than one lifeguard supervising it at a time.

*Valid certification course may be provided during staff training if prerequisites are met

Leadership Education Coordinator

  • Work with a group of campers to plan each week.

  • Help campers understand their roles and responsibilities as leaders of the day and of the week.

  • Work with the staff to choose leadership roles for the upcoming week and manage logistics (lists) related to these roles.

  • Set up a structure for collaboration and facilitate resolution when conflicts arise.

  • Work with the second year campers to establish their roles, including pre-season training.

  • Previous experience in leadership and/or collaboration training, group facilitation, or community building preferred. Prior experience with Camp Rising Sun is strongly preferred.

Instructions Coordinator

  • Work with campers to solicit, organize, and schedule Instructions (90-minute workshops) daily.

  • Schedule Instructions that are diverse in topic, form, and deliverer (e.g., staff and first-year campers).

  • Assist campers, fellow staff members, and visitors to develop intellectually rigorous and methodologically appealing Instructions.

  • Supervise 2-3 counselors

  • Prior experience with Camp Rising Sun is strongly preferred.

Evening Programs Coordinator

  • Coordinate a diverse selection of daily Evening Programs.

  • Assist campers, fellow staff members and visitors to develop intellectually rigorous and methodologically appealing Evening Programs.

  • Meet with camper leadership teams to plan Evening Programs in advance.

  • Supervise 2-3 counselors

  • Prior experience with Camp Rising Sun is strongly preferred.

Projects Counselor

  • Work with campers to coordinate daily construction projects in close partnership with the Facilities Manager.

  • Expose all campers to hands-on construction/building, project planning and management skills.

  • Provide a space in which campers feel comfortable initiating and working on large and small-scale projects to improve and serve the Camp community.

  • Organize and support staff and campers involved in construction projects.

  • Manage safety plan and teach safety in all aspects of project planning and execution.

  • Purchase and manage equipment and supplies within the budget.

  • Supervise 2-3 counselors.

  • Must be familiar with proper power tool use, construction methods, and safety protocols. Prior experience with Camp Rising Sun is preferred.

Art Counselor

  • Coordinate arts Instructions/workshops on various art forms, techniques, history, theory, etc.

  • Provide leadership opportunities to campers who are interested in the arts and assist in managing art-related activities at camp, including the camp t-shirt design.

  • Maintain art budget, workspace, and inventory. This includes purchasing supplies.

Drama Counselor

  • Coordinate Instructions/Evening Programs covering topics such as composition, drama exercises, forum theater, improvisation, and classical and modern musical and dramatic theatre.

  • Assist and encourage campers to perform scenes and other theatrical works at weekly talent shows and special events.

  • Encourage campers to engage creatively in the performing arts and collaborate with other program areas on drama-related activities.

  • Purchase supplies and manage the approved budget for drama activities.

Music Counselor

  • Coordinate Instructions on music theory, appreciation, composition and performance of a wide range of musical genres, with an emphasis on World Music.

  • Encourage and lead the singing of Camp songs after meals as an important community-building exercise. Must know or be willing to learn CRS songs.

  • Assist and encourage campers to perform in weekly talent shows and special events.

  • Organize and manage rehearsal areas, equipment and supplies within the budget.

  • Encourage campers to engage with music across a wide range of abilities and experience; collaborate with other program areas on music-related projects.

Athletics Counselor

  • Coordinate Instructions on sports, fitness, and healthy living.

  • With campers, organize athletic activities where all campers feel included and encouraged to participate.

  • Encourage campers to share sports and games from their home countries.

Journalism & world affairs Counselor(s)

  • Coordinate Instructions, Evening Programs and other opportunities for discussion and content creation on topics such as world affairs, creative writing, politics, journalistic and media ethics, social media, critical literacy, current events, etc.

  • Assist and mentor campers in the publication of journalism projects (blogs, op-eds, magazines, etc.) as well as a Camp yearbook at the end of each session.

  • Manage journalism & world affairs equipment and supplies within a budget.

  • Work with campers to help them express their perspectives in debates, on panels, or in informal conversations.

Wilderness (Camping) counselor

  • With a team of 2-3 counselors, coordinate and lead overnight (2-night, 3-day) camping trips to develop leadership, teamwork skills, and group dynamics.

  • Coordinate Instructions to prepare campers for hikes and environmentally sustainable practices. Topics can include how to effectively select equipment and pack for trips, set up and manage a campsite, fire building, wilderness first aid, handling emergency situations, leave no trace principles, and safety procedures.

  • Guide exploration of the camp grounds, such as trails, and encourage learning through the camp's environment.

  • Help organize logistics of camping trips, such as planning team-building activities, applying for permits, revising off-site emergency protocols and determining packing rations.

  • Purchase and manage equipment and supplies within the budget.

  • Manage other supporting staff while on trips.

  • Hiking and camping experience is necessary for this position.

STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Mathematics) Counselor / IT Director

  • Coordinate Instructions, Projects, and Evening Programs on topics related to science, technology, engineering, math, and/or environmental science.

  • Provide basic IT support for campers and staff.

  • Coordinate the use of Camp technology and address minor technology issues on site.