Living the Mission- Jadon from Barbados


The Louis August Jonas Foundation’s mission is to develop in promising young people from around the world a lifelong commitment to compassionate and responsible leadership for the betterment of their communities and the world.  We do this at Camp by fostering an appreciation of both diversity and our common humanity, expanding intellectual horizons and heightening artistic sensibilities. Our mission is woven into all Camp activities which develop leadership abilities and self-reliance. Camp offers and demonstrates a philosophy of living to serve society through the pursuit of humanitarian goals. LAJF and Camp Rising Sun want to highlight how Camp impacts the lives of our alumni. We are excited to feature Jadon (‘18) from Barbados.  Below is how Camp has impacted his life thus far.

Attending Camp was a privilege and an incredible experience for which I am extremely grateful. Camp changed me in several ways. To begin with, I am a much more social and expressive person now than before. I have been placed in charge of multiple activities where I have had to advise and guide others. Some examples would be, I’m one of the house captains for the swim team, a prefect in charge of new students entering the school, and assisting a class group with their math Student Based Assessment for CXC. On the first day of school, I performed the CRS Welcome song for the new students. It felt amazing to be able to share this part of who I am, and I know they loved it. I believed that in doing so I was able to help them relax and feel more comfortable with their new environment. Singing role modeled for them to express themselves and be who they are, a lesson Camp taught me. Thanks to camp, my confidence has greatly increased which has helped me with each task. Since Camp, I have become more willing to take on leadership roles. I hope to further develop my leadership skills by continually growing as I know I am going to be faced with more responsibilities.

Because of Camp, I have become more focused on goals I wish to achieve later on in life. Other instances of change in my life are the facts that I am beginning to plan daily routines more often and have started mapping the future I wish to take. Camp was a place of freedom and making mostly independent decisions, it was unlike anything I had experienced before and because of it my view on multiple things has varied and I believe I am making more independent and mature decisions. I have recognized that one of the main challenges faced by me, as well as many of my friends, is how we place the opinion of others above our own. Thanks to Camp I am more determined to strive for success with the knowledge that there are people from Camp who believe in me.

Just like many campers before me, I will state a fact, it is hard to describe Camp to others. It is just something you have to experience for yourself and what a wonderful life-changing experience it could be. Other than grieving for the company of the friends I met there, I had a wonderful experience. Camp is a place of self-expression and learning from one another. Having no barriers, we were capable to achieve something marvelous as was stated in the beginning of Camp.  We built this year’s Camp season and became a family.



Camp Rising Sun leaves an impression on our campers and alumni. We are proud to hear how our mission and activities have developed leadership abilities and self-reliance not just in theory, but in Jadon’s personal story of impact. We want to hear how Camp has had an impact on our alumni's lives. What does Camp mean to you? How has Camp impacted your life, as well as how do you hope to continuously incorporate Camp values in your life? We would love to hear your testimonial. Contact us to share how Camp has left an impact on your life.

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