Start an Alumni Association

CRS Alumni form local alumni associations for many reasons! They form with many different goals in mind, and with very different structures. Some associations have a more formal structure with elected leaders that rotate, while others are lead more by the effort of a few dedicated alumni. Some associations conduct camper-selection and other tasks, while some are more loosely connected groups of friends, that meat for dinners and hang-out’s once in a while.

Whether you want to have a formal association with goals and tasks, or just want to create a platform for some fun social gatherings, here are some tips to help you get started!

Please reach out to our staff for additional assistance at


10 Steps to starting a CRS Alumni Association

1) Contact our Alumni Relations Coordinator for help, and to obtain a list of current alumni in your region/country.

2) Reach out to alumni in your region/country, and ask regarding interest in forming alumni association. Consider a broader region, if there is a limited amount of alumni currently in your close region/country.

3) Create a steering committee of interested alumni in your region/country for organizing your efforts, and for defining the purpose of your alumni association.

4) Reach out to other Alumni Associations to ask for ideas and good advice.

5) Contact LAJF to register contact person and general information for your alumni association.

6) Create a Facebook page for your association so that other interested can easily find you.

7) Plan specific activities for your alumni association. Consult the event-toolkit for ideas.

8) Consider making a more formal structure for your alumni association (Chairperson/coordinator, secretary, treasurer, possible selection committee etc.)

9) Revise the purpose of your association and set goals, e.g. “the yearly selection/fundraising for x campers from region/country, or “hosting a yearly reunion for all alumni in our region/country”.

10) Keep in touch, and make new friendships across camp-years and generations!