LAJF continues to support our “Campers for Life” well after the summer has ended! Through affiliated programs, we offer scholarships for post-secondary education and continued resources for alumni pursuing humanitarian-oriented projects.

We are interested in our alumni for life, and believe that their leadership journey begins when the camp season ends. To further our mission of developing a lifelong commitment to compassionate, and responsible leadership, we offer various off-season programs, including international webinar courses, alumni retreats, volunteer opportunities, and more.

Camp Rising Sun alumni gain admission to some of the finest colleges around the world.  Our alumni college network provides advice on the college admissions process and connects alumni with colleagues from many different institutions.  The Foundation also maintains a searchable database to facilitate alumni networking.

We maintain a commitment to over 6,000 alumni who, personally and through more than 25 alumni associations, generously support LAJF and Camp Rising Sun.  The Alumni Associations also serve as local networks for our participants upon returning home. Learn more about our alumni network here

Some Notable Alumni

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