Giving Tuesday

Why I Give: Alex Claycomb

Why I Give: Alex Claycomb

This week's Why I Give features Alex Claycomb a camper from 2011. In his post, he discusses three main reasons why he gives back to LAJF/CRS, including how his first year of Camp affected him. "The camp season we experienced [in 2011] was only possible because of the continued generosity of those who came before us. That message struck me and I’ve given ever since." 

Why I Give: Carlos Guerrero

Why I Give: Carlos Guerrero

Today, we hear from another CRS parent about the transformational effects of CRS. Carlos Guerrero, a parent of a 2016-2017 camper, describes that "as parents, we see a huge difference in our son. CRS gave him a voice, a sense of belonging, confidence, maturity, and unconditional friendship. It opened his eyes to the world and gave him the maturity and determination to be a better student, family member, and friend." 

Why I Give: Tim Conners

Why I Give: Tim Conners

Today, Tim Conners writes to the CRS about why he passionately serves the community. He writes that "I felt reinvigorated helping with selection and being connected with other alumni. I once again felt the intense sparks which inspired me to serve on LAJF committees and eventually join the board. I have felt so fulfilled by being active in the alumni community." 

Sarah Uttermann-Merritt '02, '03, '12 – '15


Sarah Uttermann-Merritt '02, '03, '12 - '15 has been a #GivingTuesday leader for CRS since 2013. She wrote the following message about #GivingTuesday 2015:

This Tuesday is Giving Tuesday, and you know what that means... I am trying to raise money for a charity I love.

I spent my sixth summer at Camp Rising Sun this year, and my fourth summer as a counselor. Camp is the best gift I've ever been given, and I'd like it if bright, caring teenagers from around the world could continue to spend a life-changing summer at CRS next year and for many years to come. So, I'm putting my money where my mouth is and using my entire salary from my four weeks at camp this summer-- $1,500-- to match your donations for the CRS 2016 season. This means if I raise $1,500 for camp, I will donate another $1,500.

UPDATE (at 10pm California time):

WOW! At midday today I was pretty sure I wouldn't be able to meet my goal. However, thanks to Christina my little campaign has now been publicized to the whole alumni community! Thanks to your help, with my matching donation we have SMASHED through my goal! A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to all the donors I have never met-- please let me know when you're in San Francisco and we'll get tea! Thank you thank you thank you! 

P.S. Anyone want to match the rest?

We're honored by Sarah's generosity and so proud of her hard work. This year, she raised over $3,700 dollars (and counting!) for her campaign. For the past four years, she took time off from her job as a data analyst in San Francisco to work at Camp Rising Sun. She is also project leader of the CRS Alumni Forum, heads selection in California, and serves on the Alumni Relations Committee. Sarah contributes so much to the CRS community.

She has also inspired others to follow in her footsteps. Sandesh Shettar '06 has started a campaign to match $1,000 (and raise $2,000). 

Sarah's determination, hard work, expertise, and dedication have benefited us through the years, and we're so thankful for her time and effort.

Has Sarah inspired YOU to take action? Here's how to get involved: