Introducing More of our 2018 Campers

We are excited to welcome everyone to Camp in just a couple of short weeks. We are very thankful to our selectors all over the world. It’s with their hard work that we have actually selected our campers, but they have also helped guide campers and their families through the preparation process. This year we are welcoming campers from 31 different countries along with several American states. Last week, we introduced four of our incoming campers. Today, we introduce four more campers who are eager to join our Camp Rising Sun community.

Every student selected is awarded a full scholarship to attend Camp Rising Sun, which includes all expenses at Camp as well as the transport up to Camp from NYC. The scholarship does not cover travel costs to NYC. However, we are committed to having campers from all over the world attend our unique program and therefore have continued to provide financial assistance for campers, as needed.

We want to take a moment to introduce a few of the 2018 campers, including those who are using social fundraising pages to introduce themselves to the alumni community and ask for support to help offset the cost of their airfare.

Here is a glimpse at a few of the talented individuals who will be joining us at camp this summer.

Meet our Campers


Dimosthenis from Greece


I am Dimosthenis. I am coming from the second largest city of Greece, Thessaloniki, and I really love traveling. So far, I have not had the chance to visit many places abroad, but I have the opportunity to pursue my dream this summer. In 2017, I got accepted to American Farm School of Thessaloniki where I learned about Camp Rising Sun. Camp Rising Sun will help me become a skillful leader and become an open-minded global citizen. By interacting with all the teenagers inside the camp and by getting to hear about the countries they come from and the way the people interact and socialize there, it will be like I will have the chance to visit all those places.

Greece today has a big issue with close-minded people believing that the Greek culture and history by themselves are responsible for how the world has developed up to the 21st century. By attending Camp Rising Sun, I can form well-rounded opinions about so many cultures and histories that I can help with this issue in my social circle coming from my interactions with my co-campers there. Camp Rising Sun will be an experience of a lifetime for me.

I am sixteen years old. I love biology and have a dream of being a doctor and study abroad, to get not only the best education but also to become an independent young man from early age, that's why right now studying is an important thing for me. I believe with education everything becomes attainable and reachable.

I live in Jerusalem, Palestine, a country located in the middle east that I would be honored to share great things about. I'm glad that I would share with others from different countries and cultures what my traditions, history, and food are, etc. Also, I'm really excited to make some friends from all over the world. Moreover, I'm sure this experience would be engraved in my heart till forever.

Linda from Mississippi, USA (1).jpg

I am a very driven person. Ever since I was a child I’ve felt the need to do, see, and learn everything. During the 15 years I have been alive I have done swim, cross country, track, soccer, and dance. Academically, I’ve done Mathcounts, Science Olympiad, speech and debate, LIFE club, political millennials, Mu Alpha Theta, the science fair, the reading fair, pretty much any extracurricular I could get myself in to. I am passionate about specific causes like the environment, reducing the harmful phobias/isms of the world such as homophobia and racism, and, of course, learning. I am a very outgoing person, and my friends would say that I’m funny. I love making people laugh, meeting new people, and trying new things. I’m very open minded. I also try and live life to its full potential and I try not to let a single unproductive day go by. Part of the reason why I want to go to CRS is so I can meet new people from countries I’ve never been to.

I applied to camp rising sun to find like-minded people. I am looking forward to meeting new people at CRS because I believe that there are open minded people around the world like me. I want to meet people who can teach me things and who I can teach things. I’ve also never been to NYC and I think that will be an exciting experience. I hear CRS is like a family and I would love to be a part of that family.

Briana from Peru


My name is Briana. I’m a proud Latina who loves living her life to the fullest, facing challenges and taking advantage of any given opportunity. I’m from a small port on the south coast of Peru called “Ilo”. I love everything about this place. It is the perfect mixture of peacefulness and ideal seaside weather. Even though I was brought up in Peru, I am half Colombian. Growing up with two dissimilar backgrounds has been a challenge because it molded my personality in a way that’s notably different, but it made me respectful of diversity/culture and helped me not to live isolated from the world.

I applied to CRS because I wanted to give myself a chance. A chance to meet new people and actually bond with them. Learn about their culture and customs, as well as their beliefs and vision on life. I bet camp is going to be a great experience for all of us and I’m genuinely excited to meet everyone!

You can read more about some of the campers listed above on their individual pages, indicated by a hyperlink. As you read more about the incoming campers of 2018, we hope you will consider donating towards the cost of travel for the 2018 season. We look forward to welcoming the incoming campers to Camp Rising Sun very soon!