Meet Camp’s 2019 Leadership

We are very excited to welcome new leaders at Camp this summer. We are grateful to have Laura as our new Camp Director, Una as our new Assistant Camp Director, and Ruby as our new Office Manager joining us at Camp. These new leaders with experience in youth programming and education bring a diverse set of interests and backgrounds. They are all excited to impart our campers with impactful experiences. It’s with their hard work that Camp will run smoothly while they help our counselors to guide campers through the program. Our new leadership includes a dynamic mix of past alumnae and a newcomer who is excited to meet our new campers. Here is a glimpse at the talented individuals who will be leading us at Camp this summer.

Meet Camps New Leaders

Laura - Camp Director

Laura Wondra.jpg

Laura joins the LAJF team with an array of experiences within youth programming. Over the years, Laura has led gap year semesters in South America, helped run full-scholarship summer programs for Mexican, European, U.S., and Caribbean youth, coached a high school track team, and assisted with running study abroad programs while living in Ecuador and Vermont. Somewhere in there, while not hiking or telling jokes that usually only solicit a groan, Laura earned her M.A. in International Education with an emphasis on youth programming and risk management.

Due to her parent’s desire to expand her worldview from Minnesotan suburbia, by age 15 Laura had traveled throughout remote parts of Egypt, Vietnam, Costa Rica, and the Czech Republic. After these experiences, Laura’s passport became her favorite possession, and she has since traveled at any chance possible. These early experiences with diverse cultures were the catalyst for her life trajectory, and is why she chooses to work within a field that helps create these experiences for youth - as they are powerful and life-changing.

Laura is thrilled and honored to be working amongst such an incredibly assembled staff team and looks forward to doing her utmost to help create a summer filled with learning, reflective moments, and all the goodness in-between!


Una (‘09 & ‘17) - Assistant Camp Director

Una J. - headshot-2.jpg

Una was a camper in 2009 at Stendis and a counselor in 2017 at Clinton. She will be returning to camp this summer as Assistant Camp Director. Una is passionate about empowering individuals to see themselves as agents of change and platforms that allow for authentic connections. She has worked with youth in 4 different continents and has a background in both science and education. Born and raised in Iceland, Una has moved to the United States where she is currently pursuing a graduate degree in Non-profit Management and Public Policy at New York University.

“Camp played a pivotal role in my life. It inspired and fostered in me a commitment to my own growth and a sense of responsibility for the betterment of my community. I am thrilled to get the opportunity to co-create with everyone a summer filled with learning, meaningful connections and hopefully a shared sense of ownership of our individual and collective future.”

Ruby (‘10 & ‘11) - Office Manager

Ruby collage.jpg

Ruby is working at Camp Rising Sun as the Office Manager this summer. She was a camper in 2010 and 2011. Camp Rising Sun was a life changing experience for Ruby. Since Camp, she has traveled to many different countries in Europe, Central America, and South America. Her passion for learning about other’s cultures and traditions were only made possible after her experiences at CRS.  

Ruby joined the LAJF team in the summer of 2017. She has arranged host families for all of our international and out-of state campers. She will continue working as the Homestay Coordinator throughout the summer, but this will be her first summer back at Camp since being a camper. While Ruby has been actively involved with LAJF, she has also recently graduated with a Masters in School Psychology. Ruby is passionate about appropriate education for all students and helping students self-advocate. She wants to share her love and passion for psychology with campers and staff this summer. Ruby is thankful for all the opportunities and experiences provided to her by LAJF and CRS. She is eagerly waiting for the summer season to begin because she knows the impact CRS has around the world.