Martha Mosco

Martha Mosco, Medical Director '15

Martha with the HAWC (Health and Wellness Center) sign

Martha with the HAWC (Health and Wellness Center) sign

Martha Mosco '15 served as the Medical Director at CRS 2015. Her incredible positivity, optimism, sense of humor, and general joie de vivre buoyed camper and staff spirits through the entire season, making her an invaluable resource to every member of the community. 

Martha was born in a small town in Rhode Island. She attended Simmons College in Boston for nursing. During that time, she spent a year abroad in London, which ignited her passion for travel. Martha hasn't stopped working, traveling, and living abroad since. Most recently, she spent a year in southwestern Nicaragua working on public health projects. 

After her year in Nicaragua, Martha went looking for another opportunity to use her skills in a community health setting. She stumbled across Camp online and knew right away that she had found something special. After applying and being accepted as medical director, Martha found out that her uncle was an alumnus (Tod Lawrence '66)!

This summer at Camp, Martha proved herself a million times over. Tending to issues of the body, mind, and soul, she carefully and expertly guided campers through their days. In addition to dealing with issues as they arose, Martha was proactive about camper health, constantly reminding campers about ticks, water, and sunlight. She, alongside Mariam Ismail ('14, '15), kept Camp healthy and safe for everyone, staff members and campers alike.

Alongside her enormous responsibility as Medical Director, Martha went out of her way to help with the CRS program. She constantly pushed campers to question their assumptions and really think about decisions they made. She made herself available outside of the medical center, spending time with campers during their free time. She co-led an evening program on Safe Spaces, one of the earlier and more emotionally demanding evening programs. She participated in projects, swimming, sports, cooking, cleaning – it would probably be harder to name a program area Martha didn't participate in! (She even went on a three-day hike!) By constantly being present, actively listening to those around her, and setting an example for everyone, Martha greatly benefited the entire community at CRS 2015.

We asked Martha for her thoughts on this season and CRS. She had the following to say:

I think one of the most moving and impactful parts of Camp for me is that this program empowers the rising generations to live and learn an international, intercultural and community mentality. This is now, more than ever, essential for success, human kindness, learning, cooperation and peace, as individuals and for our greater society. Plus, it's a lot of fun! I was so humbled by the campers and staff that arrived on our campus and how much we all shared with and learned from each other. Learning together and practicing to consider the needs of others and the larger community before oneself was such a gift. And to see the growth and impact everyday of the community we all worked together to create was the greatest gift of all.

Martha is currently working as a nurse in a family clinic in Washington Heights, Manhattan, at the New York Presbyterian Hospital. After spending a year in Nicaragua, she found herself fluent in Spanish, which she uses every day at work, as well as to volunteer as a translator in a local free health center. Martha also continues to serve Camp on the Health and Safety committee. We're so happy that Martha is a member of our ever-expanding community, and we'd like to thank her for her stellar work and attitude this summer.