Christina Busso

Update on the Executive Director Position at LAJF

Announcement of Christina Busso's departure in January

Second Solicitation of Interested Alumni/ae

  1. The Search Committee, consisting of representative members of the broader LAJF community, convened in early September. After advertisement to the CRS community and non-profit philanthropic job sites, there were 24 applicants, of whom 10 were deemed potentially capable. The top 3 candidates were interviewed and evaluated using an evaluation metric of 20 valued skillsets. A rank order was presented to the Executive Committee, with a recommendation to hire the first choice, Christina Busso. Unfortunately, Christina has opted to take another position at the French International School in the DC area (click here or read below for a letter from Christina).
  2. Losing Christina is a major loss to the LAJF. She has worked tirelessly throughout her tenure for the good of the organization, and in particular this past year. We will not speak for Christina, but are concerned that her reluctance to continue on with LAJF is related to the negativity within some sectors of the alumni community. If we hope to establish a stable and highly productive Foundation staff, it will be important for all of us to reflect on this, and how we can create an environment that is conducive to retention of first-class personnel.  
  3. The Search Committee felt it would be prudent to consider expanding the search with a search firm. An option of hiring an interim alumnus/a was raised in order to afford time to do so. 
  4. We are working on a transition plan and will communicate further thoughts with the CRS community in short order. In the meantime we will continue our search process with further interviewing of current candidates, and extending our search with a firm if necessary.
  5. If you are interested in being considered for the LAJF Executive Director position, or if you would like to learn more, please contact the Search Committee. The staff liaison is Program Director Helene Mattera and you may also contact Board President Pat O'Malley at or Board President-Elect Damian Brennan at

Best wishes,

Pat O'Malley, '80

President, LAJF Board of Directors

December 30, 2015

Dear Friends of Rising Sun,

It is with both excitement and a bit of a heavy heart that I share with you my plans to embark on a new professional journey and opportunity. In February 2016 I will be joining the French International School, Lycée Rochambeau, in the Washington, DC area. I will be joining this pre-K to 12th grade independent school as the Director of Advancement, leading fundraising, alumni engagement, public relations and school enrollment. While I look forward to joining this school's diverse community of talented students and engaging faculty and staff, I am also eager to maintain my strong connections with the Rising Sun community, where I will remain an active member of the alumni community. 

My journey to and with Rising Sun began 23 years ago and I could never have imagined then how my path would evolve. Over the past 11 years as a Foundation staff member I have devoted my professional work and my personal passion to the Camp and Alumni community. Focused on Alumni Relations, Fundraising, Communications, Program support and Foundation Operations, I have been honored and humbled to serve the extraordinary Rising Sun community.

As the Foundation looks to the future, starting with 2016, there are a number of pressing challenges that have stirred passion throughout the community. At times like these it is so important that the community be thoughtful, cooperative, and above all, respectful. As we move forward as a community I hope we can all remember and exemplify the guiding values that CRS have given us:

  • We strive to model the lessons initiated at Camp: In all that we do as a community, we seek to engage in respectful dialogue while seeking both to understand one another and be understood.
  • We are courageous: We must be willing to make difficult decisions but also flexible to adjust our plans and our own ideas based on the facts as we learn them.
  • We value the service of others: The CRS community is rich with talent and fortunate to be led by dozens of dedicated alumni volunteers, including those who serve on committees and the Board. Volunteers are the lifeblood of CRS and receive only our appreciation as compensation.
  • We are respectful: High quality Camp and Alumni programming is made possible because of the work of dedicated, professional, year-round staff. These staff members tirelessly devote their talents to advancing the mission and ideals of Rising Sun. They deserve our respect and support.

A friend recently said to me that as campers, and then later as a community of alumni, Rising Sun offers us each an opportunity to bring out the best in one another. I sincerely hope we can do that. 

As I move on professionally, I will remember that while Camp seasons end, the CRS experience will always be a part of who I am wherever I go. I look forward to working with the community as we face the challenges and opportunities of the future.


Most Sincerely,

Christina Rose Busso, JD, CFRE

Executive Director

CRS '93, '94, '99, '05-'15