Staff Training

The Camp Rising Sun team is eager to welcome the first group of 2018 campers this weekend. Over the past week, our counselors and second year campers have been hard at work setting up the campus and participating in valuable training sessions to prepare for the season.  

Throughout staff training, counselors have participated in a variety of sessions spanning topics of health and safety, Camp pedagogy, daily camp life, Camp history and goals, emergency preparedness, leadership and learning, adolescent development, and many other topics geared to provide counselors with the resources to create a positive and inclusive community for our incoming campers. The counselors also enjoyed visiting the Red Hook campus to work on team building and to practice activities for the upcoming overnight wilderness trips.

Second-year campers, who are among a select group of campers invited back for a second season, have also been discussing their unique role in passing on camp traditions and providing support to the new campers.They have been working directly with our Leadership Education Coordinators to form their team, discuss their hopes for the season, and plan the first week of Camp.

Our counselors, many of whom are alumni, know just how impactful a season at Camp Rising Sun can be. That is why they dedicate their time and energy to living at Camp and creating meaningful learning opportunities for the community. Together, the counselors and second year campers will work to ensure that Instructions, Projects, cultural meals, off-site wilderness trips, artistic activities, leadership opportunities, and many other aspects of our program are implemented in ways that are engaging, meaningful, and impactful. We are so grateful to our already impressive staff and the experiences they will help our campers make.

We hope you will be inspired to support Camp Rising Sun by learning about our campers here and here. As you read more about the incoming campers of 2018, we hope you will consider donating towards the cost of travel for the 2018 season or to the annual fund. You can see updates from Camp in the 2018 CRS Times (camper blog) starting next Friday and through our social media updates during the Camp season. With such a small budget, every dollar makes a difference to Camp Rising Sun! Our current campers and counselors, our alumni, and the communities they enrich as they become Campers for Life depend on your support. Thank you for being a part of the Camp Rising Sun community!