There’s Always a Welcome for You: Join us at Camp!

There are many ways you can support the 2018 Camp season. There is still time for alumni and friends to join us at Camp for Volunteer Weekend on June 2nd, where we will set up tents, uncovered the pool, and helped the LAJF Staff with other projects.

Volunteering is a great way to engage with the CRS community and to partake in the Camp season. This summer, we invite you to volunteer at Camp by joining us for Volunteer Weekend, giving an instruction, being a Counselor for the day, or helping in the Health and Wellness Center (HAWC). Keep reading to learn more about these roles. Spending time at Camp is a great opportunity to connect with Campers and Camp Staff.

Volunteer Weekend

You still have time to RSVP and join us for Volunteer Weekend, now on June 2nd from 10am to 5pm. Like any other project at Camp, Volunteer Weekend depends on a group of collaborative friends and staff to ensure everything runs smoothly. Our staff at Camp depends on at least 12-20 alumni volunteers every year to be part of our effort of setting up the campgrounds for this year’s campers. Volunteer Weekend is an opportunity to relive your time at camp by working on projects that help ensure camp is as great for this year’s campers as it was for you. There are fun group meals in the dining hall and at the picnic tables while we enjoy the nature of upstate NY.  We cannot start camp without your help. You can RSVP here or on our Facebook page.

Help out with the Camp Rising Sun 2018 Season

Join us at Camp this summer and support our summer team by giving an instruction, providing coverage for our medical team, or volunteering as a counselor for a weekend or more!

Give an instruction:

Join us for the day and see how much you have to share with our campers. Instructions are a great way to connect campers with the broader alumni community and also expand intellectual horizons as campers become exposed to new career paths and unique topics of inquiry that our alumni are uniquely situated to share. You can submit an instruction proposal here. Please also review our tips for creating an instruction.

Counselor for a Day:

Though you may not serve the Counselor of the Day (COD), coming up to camp for a day (or two) allows other counselors to focus on some much-needed program area work, such as hiking preparations, evening programs planning, or collaborating with campers on content for the weekly publications.

As a volunteer for a day, some of the activities in which you may be asked to participate, include:

  • Attending a camper’s instruction
  • Facilitating feedback after project time
  • Playing chess at the picnic tables
  • Playing guitar in the camper’s lounge
  • Engaging campers in a lively discussion during meals
  • Singing songs in the dining hall after lunch
  • Helping wash pots in the kitchen during teamwork
  • Attending assembly and be greeted with the welcome song
  • Engaging with campers as a positive role model


Volunteer in the HAWC:

If you are an EMT, LPN, RN, PA, or MD licensed in the state of New York, please join us for a day during the summer to provide much-needed relief for our medical team in the Health & Wellness Center (HAWC). Overnight camps in the state of New York require 24-hour coverage by a licensed medical professional. We appreciate the time and energy that the medical professionals in our community are able to provide to camp each year.

Volunteering in the HAWC for a weekend or afternoon may consist of the following activities, and more:

  • Assisting with camper medications, treating bug bites, encouraging campers to drink more water, or bandaging up bumps and scrapes from a soccer tournament.
  • Sitting with campers during meals
  • Joining a gardening project on the front steps
  • Engaging in a conversation with camper on the Lil’ Libby in front of the Main Building


Email us at for more information about visiting camp this summer. If you are interested and able to volunteer for a full week or more, please complete our volunteer counselor application. We look forward to welcoming you back to Camp soon!

Can’t join us in person? You can still support the 2018 season by making a donation online or sponsoring camper travel. The 2018 staff and campers thank you for your support!