Living the Mission- Jennifer

CRS Alumna is named 2019 Rising Star of Wall Street Head Hunting.

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The Louis August Jonas Foundation’s mission is to develop in promising young people from around the world a lifelong commitment to compassionate and responsible leadership for the betterment of their communities and the world.  We do this at Camp by fostering an appreciation of both diversity and our common humanity, expanding intellectual horizons and heightening artistic sensibilities. Our mission is woven into all activities which develop leadership abilities and self-reliance. Camp offers and demonstrates a philosophy of living to serve society through the pursuit of humanitarian goals.

LAJF and Camp Rising Sun want to highlight how Camp impacts the lives of our alumni. We are excited to feature Jennifer (‘98) from New York who has been featured in The Business Insider’s - 2019 Rising Stars of Wall Street headhunting. 

Meet Jennifer

The Louis August Jonas Foundation and Camp Rising Sun are proud to feature such an engaged alum. Jennifer attended Camp in 1998 where she formed lasting friendships and had life-changing experiences. In recent years, Jennifer has become more engaged than ever with Camp along with joining the Fundraising Committee and being an advocate for Camp.

A graduate of Bowdoin College, Jennifer Montalvo leaped into the world of financial services headhunting in 2004. Originally she found herself working at RSR partners and CT Partners before joining Principal Search in 2006. It was there that she began to help build its FICC practice in New York and London. When the financial crisis hit in 2008, Jennifer was sent to Hong Kong to help build the firms’ presence in Asia. After two years, she returned to New York to lead its global markets section in the Americas. 

Two years after that, Sheffield Haworth poached Jennifer to lead FICC headhunting in 2012 as the firm attempted to reboot its presence in the US. She began specializing in fixed-income, currencies, and asset headhunting. She was able to focus on distributing Regional and Global sales as well as head traders at the world’s largest investment banks. She has placed several senior management roles earning herself a promotion to managing director in 2018. 

While Jennifer has excelled in the world of financial services at an exceedingly fast pace, these accomplishments are not taken lightly.

The Reality of Head Hunting

2019 has been a hectic year in Wall Street Hiring. Preceding numbers have shown an unusual spike in senior moves in operations such as investment banking and equity derivatives, and some have expected it to continue at a rapid pace. However, there is still some concern with anticipation of the next recession and this occupation, Associates like Jennifer could be put on the backburner. 

As with anything Wall Street related, competition remains intense for quants, data scientists, and senior-level technologists alike, despite these institutions spending billions to try to stay ahead of the game. And whether you’re one of the most prestigious investment banks, a major money management asset manager, or even a newly-rich blockchain start-up, it would be a mistake to underestimate how far the right talent can set you up over the years. 

In this life of heavy competition, knowing the right recruiter can make all the difference for these companies.  

A Rising Star

With all of this considered, The Business Insider took some time to survey a large network of financial sources, including the top brass of recruiting firms in order to assemble a group of elite headhunters. 

Some are very traditional moguls in their methods by billing millions in fees to place top-generating investors at hedge funds and private equity shops. Others have taken on a more modern approach by building new areas to win business for their firms. Meanwhile, others find themselves starting successful firms on their own.

To make the list, candidates needed to work primarily in New York City, be 40 years old or younger, have stellar recommendations and have a great track record of delivering for clients. 

Jennifer Montalvo has been one of the few individuals that have been chosen as a Rising Star of Wall street Headhunting by excelling and placing talent very early and often in her new career. 

Since making the Business Insider list, Jennifer is now working with the Options Group in New York as Partner and has been assigned to extend the firm’s significant presence across international markets and banking.