Volunteer Weekend 2019

We are so grateful for all of the alums, friends, and family who came together this year to ensure that Camp is ready for our campers! Volunteer Weekend is about completing projects, working together, and sharing meals at Camp like you did when you were a camper. The turn out and weather were better than expected for Volunteer Weekend. Cameron gives an Instruction on how to tie the best knots for the tents and before we knew it all of the tents were up ready and waiting for our newest Campers. The tents still adorned with names of Clinton and Red Hook campers marking time throughout the decades. Alumni reminisced about their Camp days and enjoyed strolling around campus. We got the tents set up, uncovered the pool, and worked on a Lean-to.

We are grateful to those alumni at the New York Reunion that raised funds sponsoring our new lean-to. A few of our lean-to sponsors also came to build the lean-to. Several tents a year need to be replaced, and we are excited to have the lean-to as a more sustainable option. This year we built two more lean-tos at Camp.

2019 volunteer weekend lean-to -collage1.jpg

We were also lucky enough to have a birthday to celebrate! Teddy from 2018 joined us to lend a hand putting up tents and we all lent our hands in raising him up in the birthday chair. While we had a small number of languages represented for our tradition of singing happy birthday, we were missing our many friends from abroad.