CRS 2018: Second-Year Camper profiles

Today, we present the final six Camp Rising Sun 2018 second-year campers. Each summer, a handful of campers are selected to return to CRS for a second year, where they work with the CRS Staff to set the tone for an unforgettable summer experience for the first-year campers.

Second-year campers serve in a variety of capacities, including as an older sibling-like figure, providing guidance to the first years (including modeling what it means to “be your own Sachem”), teaching a variety of CRS traditions, including songs, Council, and more. Second-years are and remain campers, but the distinction is that they are looked to as role models from the first days at of camp. To help them step into this new role at camp, second-years arrive at camp for a few days of training with staff members before the arrival of the first year campers.

Read from six of this year’s second-year campers, as they introduce themselves to the Rising Sun community and explain why they are excited about returning to Camp. Check our last week’s blog to meet the other six second-years of 2018. 


Wyatt Harte (USA - Vermont)

Wyatt Harte.jpg

I am a second year living in Burlington, Vermont, originally from Brooklyn. My interests include drumming, snowboarding, baseball, running, and cinema. 

I applied to become a second year because I am looking forward to challenging myself and becoming a better leader. I am most excited about returning to Camp Rising Sun because I want to build strong relationships with new campers as well as hanging out with my fellow second years.


Andrea Luengo (Spain)

andrea luengo.jpg

Spanish since I was born. I am a person who loves art. Music, painting, and dancing are the way I express myself. I would love to live in another century. I like bees, trees, and nonsensical things. The day I left camp I was sure I was going to apply. Camp made me feel a different, happy, a way that I can't explain with words and to make new campers feel the same will be amazing. Also, I have a lot of crazy ideas that I want to carry out.


Jordan Shaibani (USA - Maryland/DC)

jordan Shaibani.jpg

I am from Bethesda, MD, which is right outside of DC. I spend most of my day either at rowing, debate, or mock trial practice. I have three sisters, we are all mixed race with my dad being Iranian and my mom Filipino. The thing that I am most excited about in returning to camp is the people I am going to meet and the experiences I will share with them. It is really the campers who make the Camp, and even though I understand it won't be the same, I know that this summer will be just as special. 


Ebba Wako (USA - Minnesota)

Ebba Wako.png

My name is Ebba Wako. I live in Minnesota, in the United States of America. I'm currently in 10th grade and will go in my junior year of high school next year. One thing that I'm really excited for in returning to Camp Rising Sun is seeing some of my fellow campers from the last session. I've missed my friends from the last session and it will be great to see them again! 



Xiao Zhang (China)

I am Xiao from Shanghai, China. I am 15 years old and I attend Shanghai Foreign Language School. I love music, and I enjoy playing the Erhu, a Chinese traditional musical instrument. Ping-pong is my favorite sport. On the last day of Camp last year, I told myself, "I'm not done with this place." The endless inspiration I gained and the amazing people (counselors, staff, and campers from literally all over the world) I met at Camp made me eager for another wonderful summer at Rhinebeck. I am so excited about my second-year experience! 


Maor Ben Zion (Israel)

I am a student in my freshman year. I love to play the guitar and I am a professional Table-Tennis player. My school's team won the third place in Israel's championship for school's teams.

I decided to apply to Second Year because I want the first-year campers to experience what I have ASAP. I applied because of two major reasons:

1.) to give back to Camp by making 2018 the best year in Camp, especially for the first-years, and

2.) to re-experience Camp and learn more about myself and my close environment.