Nominate a Camper or Staff Member for CRS 2018

Applications for CRS 2018 are now open. Our alumni and friends know better than anyone else what qualities are needed for campers and counselors to thrive at Camp Rising Sun. Time and again our alumni tell us that talking with someone who went to Camp Rising Sun made them want to apply. Spread the word! Refer and encourage prospective campers or staff members to apply online. Application deadlines vary by region, starting January 1, 2018 for some applicants. See below for more information.


First Year Campers

First-time campers must be between the ages of 15 years - 16 years old at the start of Camp, must be able to attend for the entire session, be competent in spoken English, and not be the child or grandchild or a CRS participant. Children and grandchildren of a CRS alum should register as a legacy camper.

The Rising Sun program prepares global citizens who question, innovate, and challenge fearlessly. Those who are a good fit with CRS tend to demonstrate: leadership potential, individuality, intellect, interest in cultural differences, and learning from experience, among other traits. Do you know a teenager who has the potential to change their world? Encourage them to apply for CRS 2018!

Application deadlines range between January 1 and 29, 2018 for most regions. More information about requirements and regional deadlines is available on the camper application. Contact the Foundation staff at for more detailed deadline information, if you are in doubt.


Second Year Campers

Are you interested in becoming a second-year camper? Each summer, a handful of campers are invited back for a second scholarship through our second-year camper program. Apply today! You must be able to attend the full season, including two days of training:

  • Girls' session: June 23 - July 20. Second-year training starts on June 21.
  • Boys' session: July 28 - August 24. Second-year training starts on July 26.

Please complete and submit your application by January 1 by 11:59PM EST.



Would you like to spend your summer mentoring amazing teenagers from around the world through a challenging and rewarding professional, and personal, experience? Apply to be a CRS 2018 staff member. We have many positions open.

Staff members guide campers through thoughtful questioning, push campers to their best thinking and decision making as they take on leadership responsibilities, and give feedback for growth after an experience. Do you have a friend or family member who exhibits the qualities of your most influential camp counselors?

Counselors must be at least 19 years of age and/or have completed at least one year of college. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis with most hiring completed in January and February 2018.



Are you interested in working at camp but are only available a few weeks at a time? Most volunteer counselors join us for 1 to 2 weeks during the summer. Volunteer counselors must be alumni and should be former staff members or have significant experience working with adolescents. Volunteer counselors are expected to participate in all scheduled camp activities as needed and follow a similar schedule as full-time counselors. We really appreciate the support of our volunteers who provide much-needed assistance and rejuvenation for our busy summer team.

If you are interested in coming up to camp but cannot commit a full week, or have not previously worked as a camp counselor, please consider joining us as a visiting instructor. Alumni and friends are welcome to come up to camp for the day and give an instruction as a way to share your interests and build community between campers and our broader alumni community.

Additionally, we are seeking NYS-licensed nurses and doctors who can volunteer a day or two at a time, or even a full week, as this gives our medical team much needed breaks and support throughout the summer.

If you would like to contribute to CRS 2018 as a volunteer, please fill out this form or contact us for more information.

Please review the deadlines carefully and email us at or call us at +1 212-686-1930 with any questions. We look forward to reviewing everyone’s application!