Meet the Program Committee

Are you interested in learning more about the Camp Rising Sun curriculum? Have you ever wanted to join the summer visit team? Did you ever wonder how each camp season gets evaluated? Then, you might be interested in joining the Program Committee.

The Program Committee is responsible for providing guidance and setting priorities for the camp program. The Committee primarily does this through the CRS Curriculum Document, which serves as a guide for the implementation of the camp program year after year. Members of the Program Committee include a variety of educators, former counselors, and other alumni who are interested in getting more involved in the ins and outs of camp programming.

Each year, the Committee reviews what aspects of the previous year’s camp season worked well and provides suggestions on how best to improve for the upcoming summer. These discussions are based on feedback from counselors and staff, as well as on first-hand observation of the camp program by Committee members who spend a few days at camp each summer on the Visit Team. The Visit Team collects campers surveys and interviews a variety of campers and staff members to learn more about how the goals of camp are being implemented each year.

The Program Committee is also interested in more formal research and development through the pre and post camper surveys, which have been conducted each year since 2011. The results of these surveys help us track and evaluate the impact of our experiential learning model for campers. We hope to publish the findings of our research in the future.

In 2016, we welcomed Bianca Rey (‘07, ‘12), Jose Javier Saenz Crespo (‘01, ‘02, ‘12, ‘13), and Torben Smidt Hansen (‘75) to the Program Committee. If you are interested in joining the Program Committee, please contact us!