Boys' Week 1: Sachems, Singing, and Soccer

The boys have been here for a week! Tomorrow marks the first day of first-year community leaders.


Campers have wasted no time at sinking their teeth into the CRS program. Already, over 30 first-year instruction proposals have been submitted, with more to come. A project to build new soccer/football goals has already been completed, and campers have ambitious plans for the others. Evening programs have been a success - in addition to the traditional Council campfire, the second-years organized a game of camp-based Jeopardy, and counselors conducted a program about Game Theory using Oreos.

Things at camp are settling into a familiar rhythm, punctuated only by loud bouts of hysterical laughter, fervently competitive games of three-on-three basketball, and inclusive musical jam sessions. The boys are beginning to discover that camp can be like a second home to them.

The next few weeks will be full of challenges and new experiences as the first-years adjust to their new roles as community leaders and participate in hiking trips. They are more than up to the challenge, and continue to surprise the staff every day with their ingenuity, enthusiasm, and earnestness.

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