CRS 2016 Has Ended

The CRS 2016 season has drawn to a close! The boys left last Friday, and the staff left today. Camp is all clean and ready for 2017.

In order to sum up the summer, I asked some campers (new alumni!) and staff to offer some quotes about the season.

What we do here is important. In the midst of our difficulties, let’s not forget that. To teach young adults to be daring, thoughtful, and humble will never go out of fashion. It could very well be the key to a brighter future for CRS, and for everything beyond.
— Mads Schou Nissen, Assistant Camp Director (Denmark)
Camp was the best thing that happened in my life. I learnt so many different skills. I met my long lost sister and brothers I never knew existed! There are no words that can describe the love I have for that camp and all the people there. It was one of the hardest thing I had even done leaving that place (even worse than moving countries). But it’s never a “goodbye” only a “see you later!”.
— Rebecca Van Der Hagen (UK)
The summer that changed my life into something I’m proud of. Found a family that I know will always be there for me, and a family that I can’t live without!
— Elisabeth Børresen (Denmark)
Camp was an amazing adventure, and I’m glad to have done it with 80+ amazing people. Thank you, all!!!
— Yajaira Rodriguez (New York)
Camp was so beautiful. To simply put, I crossed a mountain, lit a fire, spent a night in the woods alone, slept under the stars, became families with 80+ brilliant young souls and learned about love. But it goes much beyond.
— Yanxi "Rosemary" Chen (China)
Camp became my home. It was an adventure that helped me become stronger and not be afraid to stand up for what I believe in. I learned so much. It’s a place where I found a family. It’s a place full of memories that I will forever cherish.
— Ariana Berumen (California)
In the beginning and before Camp I didn’t understand why people said it was amazing but after a month I realised what they meant and I made over 50 brothers and sisters from all over the world. Camp makes you open your heart and mind so people aren’t so judgmental and make everyone feel closer to each other, beyond their differences.
— Emil Dzhangozov (New York)
It was much more above expectations, my opinion about camp before attending was proven wrong 73 times in a row.
— Mulham Najajreh (Palestine)
When I was selected to Camp Rising Sun I thought it would be my best summer ever. I was right. I loved every moment of camp and loved all the people there. I wish I could live that moments again and again. But this camp is not just about the 4 weeks, it was the beginning of something… something bigger…
— Bálint Hederics (Hungary)

Thanks to all the campers and staff for an amazing CRS summer! We hope you've enjoyed staying up to date with what's going on with camp. If you'd like to help make next summer a reality, click the donate link in the menu bar and give generously to CRS 2017!