Boys' Week 3: Projects, Instructions, and Games

Week 3 of the boys' session is over! As they head into the final week of CRS 2016, they are more excited and dedicated than ever. Today, the second group of hikers returned to a warm welcome from campers and staff.

We tried something new this week: on the day the hikers left, there was no sachem (leader) of the day. Instead, the 30 boys left at camp collectively planned their day -- they volunteered to clean and do teamworks, they scheduled an instruction, they had an evening program activity, and they worked on projects that they were passionate about.

Projects at camp have been going extremely well. In addition to painting their bathroom and dining hall wall, campers have been building a new treehouse, planning to paint the gym wall, and refurbishing the dining hall piano. 

Evening programs this week included a camper-planned game of human foosball (pictured left), Council, a discussion on going home, and a second-year planned debate activity.

Camp is drawing to a close for the summer, but campers continue to Carpe every Diem. The campers and staff have had life-changing experiences here, and they will bring back the lessons they learned at camp to their lives.

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