Girls' Week 2: Hikes, Leaders, and Bridges

The girls have come to the end of their second week of camp!

The hikes went out yesterday! Campers are going to build community in small groups by learning to rely on each other, support each other, and trust each other.

In addition, this week, campers have been working on some projects to improve camp! They've been working on repainting their bathroom and dining hall, fixing a bridge across a river, and clearing out trails in the surrounding forest.

Instructions this week included discussions on current events, bookmaking, Hungarian dance, forum theatre, songwriting, and price-tagging. Evening programs included a discussion and activity about educational systems and learning styles and a camper-produced variety show.

This was the first week that first-year campers had the opportunity to lead the community in an official capacity. They took on the challenge with gusto, and led CRS 2016 through a very successful week.

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