Second Years!

Our girl second-year campers arrived today! They're a dynamic team of six girls who are excited and enthusiastic about making CRS 2016 an amazing experience for every first-year camper. Over the next few days, they'll be working with Michael Sheldon, this summer's Leadership Education Coordinator, to build their team, make decisions about the upcoming season, and plan the first week of camp.

Staff training is drawing to a close, and staff are preparing their program areas for campers now. Our staff has used the past week and a half to bond and grow together. They've put up tents, moved beds, held a council, attended workshops on adolescent development and critical pedagogy, completed first aid and CPR trainings, and prepared for every eventuality that could arise during the season.

Don't forget - this summer's reunion is RIGHT around the corner! Starting on Friday, July 22nd, and ending on Sunday, July 24th, the reunion will give alumni the opportunity to connect, reconnect, spend time with old friends, and make new ones. There is a 20% discount for all committee members and a 50% discount for all students (high school and college)! Please email for more information, and register here!

Photo credits to Tim Bozyczko, our Medical Director.