Mary Murphy '96 - '01

Mary Murphy ’96 - ’01 is the current Residential Director and founding member of Franklin Academy, a boarding school providing college preparation to students with Nonverbal Learning Differences, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and Asperger’s Syndrome. In the spirit of CRS, the school provides “a safe school community where making life-long friends [is] easy… where classes [are] challenging and fun, where alternative thinking [is] embraced, and where [one] could become an independent, self-confident young person eager and ready for the college experience.” Mary received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Pittsburgh, her Master of Professional Studies from SUNY-New Paltz, and her Doctor of Ministry from Wisdom University.

She was the Camp Director of Clinton from 1996-2001. Mary worked year round on campus, along with Red Hook Camp Director Michael Peter Borges, and lived in the Director's house at Clinton. Sometimes, it was so cold indoors that, in order to insulate the house, Mary would staple quilts to the wall! Her dog, a black lab mix named Sophie, would corrall the campers to assembly.  She was a calm and patient leader who modeled collaboration and open forms of communication. 

When asked about Mary, Helene Mattera, who was a camper under her directorship, said, "She is my all-time favorite Camp person. Mary embodies all of the goals of CRS. She inspired me to follow the career path that I have chosen, and she helped me realize the value in respecting the abilities of and deeply caring for young people."

Mary currently serves on the MAC and Strategic Planning Committee.

Thank you, Mary, for all that you have given to Rising Sun, for all the young men and women that you've inspired, and for continuing to work for the betterment of others.