Give your child or grandchild the gift of Camp Rising Sun.  Share this unique experience through our Legacy Program. Legacy campers can join the CRS community for one or two weeks during the summer, pending availability. They take part in all camp activities and are an important part of our community that helps to strengthen intergenerational ties. 

Email or call +1 (212) 686-1930 with any questions you may have. 

“I was a camper at Camp Rising Sun in ’81 and ’82, and am a proud parent of a legacy camper who attended in 2016. I anxiously waited 15 years for my daughter to attend CRS, and her experience was even more positive than I had imagined and wished for her. She came back from CRS with reinforced confidence, stronger empathy, a whole new set of close friends, and a desired to change the world for the better by helping people find common ground, while at the same time being able to disagree about specific issues in a respectful, kind manner. She was totally changed by her CRS experience, and learned (as did I, when I attended) how to be vulnerable and strong, wise and wide-eyed, insecure and determined all at the same time. As a parent, and especially the parent of a girl, I am so very happy and feel so very blessed to have had the CRS experience and to watch my daughter have a similar, but truly unique CRS experience all to her own. The specific activities and location of the camp have changed, but the CRS values, teachings and spirit is just as strong as I remember it. Thank you, CRS, on behalf of myself and my daughter. How How.”
— Marc Fillerman, CRS '81,'82.