Fundraising Toolkit

Congratulations! You are one of 120 young leaders worldwide accepted to attend our international, full-scholarship leadership program this summer. While we are able to fully sponsor the cost of attending camp, we ask that all campers contribute to the cost of travel. Some campers would like help offsetting the airfare expenses. In these cases, LAJF will help you jump start your fundraising campaign through our online platform. This toolkit will provide you with some simple steps towards creating an effective fundraising CAMPaign.

Steps for creating a successful Fundraiser

  1. LAJF will set up a personal fundraising page on your behalf.
  2. Choose a profile picture - Select a profile picture for your page and send it as an attachment to
  3. Edit Content - Keep it short and to the point - tell your CRS story. Write a short paragraph about why you want to attend CRS and what you are looking forward to at camp. You might also want to include a note about why your donors should support you, such as a few sentences about how this opportunity will affect your future or how you will bring this experience back to your own community. Check out a few examples from some of the 2016 campers, including Gustavo, Aikaterini, Mavzuna and Juan Daniel. When your content is ready, send it to so it can get uploaded to your fundraising page.
  4. Share your page with friends and family - Send an email to invite your social network to your page and we will share your page with CRS alumni too. We will even feature your page on our LAJF blog. 
  5. Go viral - Spread the word on your social media through Facebook, Twitter, and your favorite social media sites.
  6. Get it going - Personally call a few close friends, relatives, or community leaders to jump start donations on your page.

tips for asking for donations

Asking for donations can be intimidating at first, but don't worry, it gets easier with practice! Start out by asking friends and relatives to donate to your campaign. Even if your relatives are not able to make large contributions to your campaign, it is a great way to practice your fundraising pitch and ask for feedback on your website and letters.

Consider writing a letter or email to send to your family, colleagues, teachers, friends, and friends of friends to explain your fundraising needs. Keep your letter concise, but also include personal details that help donors connect to your story. Set a clear goal and fundraising deadline. You want your letter to help donors feel connected to your story and to understand the impact of their donation. Not everyone that you ask will donate to your campaign, and that's okay. Stay positive, and have fun with the process!

Sample letter

Dear friends,

I have been chosen as one of 120 gifted, highly motivated young people from over 25 countries to participate in Camp Rising Sun: four weeks carefully designed to promote personal growth, leadership skills, service ethics, and intercultural understanding. While my attendance at Camp Rising Sun is fully funded, I am seeking donations to help cover the cost of my round trip airfare before camp starts on June 23 (or July 28 for the second session). The cost of my flight to NYC is $XXX.

Through experiential learning, Camp Rising Sun allows campers to expand their horizons, try new things, plan projects, and teach and follow their peers. By taking on new leadership roles, each camper learns what it means to be accountable to others and develop their own leadership styles. Selection is highly competitive and based on intellect, character, humanity, leadership potential, and individuality.

Insert a paragraph about your personal story here: Talk about why you want to attend camp, how camp will impact your life, and what you plan to do when you get back from camp.

I would be so thankful for a donation of any amount towards my goal of $XXX.

Thank you!

Say thank you

Don't forget to thank the individuals who donate to your fundraiser! It is important to let your donors know that their contributions are appreciated. You can say thank you in a comment online, send a thank you email, or even consider writing a personalized thank you card. Once at camp, you can even send a postcard or letter about your experiences to major donors. You could even post a thank you note while you are at camp, or once you return home, which could include a few memorable moments and photos from the summer. 


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