CRS Alumni Community Norms

The strength of our community is dependent on our ability to respectfully address the challenges and issues that we face. The Board of Directors, Volunteer Committees, LAJF Staff, and Alumni Associations have adopted the following Community Norms to discourage inappropriate or unnecessarily disruptive communications, and to guide the conversations within our alumni community.

The six norms are a description of what thoughtful, friendly and respectful communications look like within the Camp Rising Sun alumni community. They describe “The Rising Sun Way”

In the Camp Rising Sun alumni community:

  1. We respect each other’s ideas and a diversity of opinions.
    • We are persuadable and open-minded.
    • We use language that is descriptive rather than judgmental.
  2. We seek to understand (listen well, with humility), then be understood.

  3. We practice transparency in the community.

  4. We recognize our own and others’ accomplishments.

  5. It’s okay to disagree but we attack the problem, not the person.

  6. We do not air emotionally-laden disagreements on social media or broadcast email – we communicate personally (in writing, by phone or face-to-face).