What do we look for?

We seek candidates with different talents and interests from diverse cultural, regional, racial and economic backgrounds who have the potential to change their worlds. Our campers do not fit a single mold; rather, we choose candidates who can complement each other by bringing different strengths, experiences, and interests to the community.  CRS prepares global citizens who question, innovate, and challenge fearlessly. Individuals who are a good fit with CRS tend to demonstrate:

  • Leadership Potential: A history of taking initiative among one’s peers; self-confidence, openness and fairness in dealing with others; cooperation and collaboration when others lead.

  • Character: Honesty, compassion, integrity, a concern for humanity and an appreciation of the value of human diversity.

  • Individuality: A wide range of personal abilities and interests; creativity; divergent thinking.

  • Intellect: A capacity for academic achievement and the ability to think critically; curiosity about the world.

  • Learning from Experience: The ability and willingness to learn from mistakes; using feedback to improve and grow; gaining insight from new experiences.

  • Cultural Representation: The ability to represent one’s local or regional culture, and an awareness of the diversity within one's region. Candidates should have lived at least 3 years in the region or country from which they are chosen. Exceptional candidates who do not fulfill the residency requirement may still be nominated.

How does it work?

Campers are selected by alumni committees around the world.  These local alumni, who we call “selectors,” perform outreach in their areas, review applications, interview candidates, and support accepted campers and their families.  If there is no selector in your area, your application will be reviewed by CRS volunteers.  

Applications for Camp Rising Sun 2019 are now open. Please follow the instructions you receive from the Camp Rising Sun representative in your area, or contact the Foundation staff at apply@lajf.org for further information. Deadline dates are listed on the application form linked to below. 


2019 Applicants should:

  1. Be 15 years - 16 years old at the start of Camp (with a birth date between August 24, 2002 and June 20, 2004). Exceptions for highly mature 14-year-olds will be considered based on written recommendations to LAJF from the regional selection committee. If a 14-year-old camper is accepted, arrangements must be made to have a family member or other responsible adult accompany this camper throughout travel to New York.

    • Be available for the full four-week season:
      Dates of the 2019 girls’ session are: June 22 – July 19. Approved travel and hosting dates are June 20 – 21 and July 20 – 21.

    • Dates of the 2019 boys’ session are: July 27 – August 23. Approved travel and hosting dates are July 25 – 26 and August 24 – 25.

  2. Be competent in spoken English. English is essential for understanding safety instructions and for maximizing the benefits of the CRS experience. Candidates should complete an in-person or telephone interview as part of the selection process.

  3. Not be the child, grandchild, or stepchild of any previous Camp Rising Sun participant.

  4. Have a full medical (physical and mental health) evaluation prior to arrival. Please note that candidates whose physical or mental health history would preclude full participation in our program may be asked to withdraw their applications.


If you would like to apply to Camp Rising Sun, please fill out an application.

If you would like to provide a reference, please fill out the reference form.

If you attended camp last year, and are interested in coming back as a Second Year Camper, please fill out an application.